First I want to say TopDog Company and Dr. J are the best thing since sliced bread.  My 7 year old black lab, Sammy, had an ACL tear two years ago and had to have surgery, which was a long recovery, but thanks to Dr. J and TopDog, the step-by-step rehab program was amazing and helped Sammy get back to herself.    I also purchased a  harness to help her get in and out of car, get up steps, etc. which was also amazing and reasonable.   The vet hospital that did the surgery, never suggested any kind of harness to help me get her into my SUV after surgery or the intensive rehab, that she needed.

A year later, she hurt her opposite knee (the vet said it was a tear) but didn’t seem as bad as first one.  So I didn’t want to repeat surgery because of the long recovery and she was in pain for a long time, so I decided to try GlycanAid HA and rest her leg.  After 3 to 4 weeks, she wasn’t limping as much and actually running around the backyard.  We go for long walks now and she can jump up on the bed like her old self.   I have refilled this 4 times and will continue to use.  It is amazing, I wish they made it for adults….I need it for my hips and knees.

Thanks Dr. J (I wished you lived closer….I could use you as a vet here!)