A few months ago I wrote to you about my then 10 year old yellow lab. Her name is Flopps. She had just had her 2nd surgery for her ACL. The TTA surgery was a little different than her TPLO surgery in 2009. The surgeon had told us to I follow your rehabilitation schedule. She is a pretty active dog and with this surgery and she was having problems adjusting her body, lifting her hind legs to get up and altogether looking very uncomfortable. We were at about the 6 week post-op stag when I wrote you, telling what was going on and you were nice enough to promptly answer. You told me to go back a few steps in the post-surgery rehabilitation and continue with the warm compresses and Physical Therapy and to make sure she was on the GlycanAid HA for her joints. If there was no improvement, I should speak to my vet.

It is now 6 months later, she is 11 and I must say, the GlycanAid HA has helped make a huge difference in her life. First off, she loves the tablets, she is on maintenance (she weighs 84 lbs) and gets one pill 3 x a day. Believe me if I forget, she goes to the cabinet and barks until she gets her “snack.” The difference in her hind legs is absolutely amazing. She now can get up quickly like when she was younger. What a pleasure to watch. We have a neighbor dog that my dog runs the fence line with in the backyard. She has no problems with quick turns and running back and forth. It’s a pleasure to know she is comfortable and the GlycanAid HA is doing its part. Thank you for introducing us the the GlycanAid HA product.