Dear Dr. St.Clair,

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service.  We first ordered a SupportRx: Total Body Harness (XL) from you in preparation for our English bulldog (Rooney)’s double TPLO surgery scheduled for December 18th, 2013.

We received our order on Monday, December 2nd and were very impressed by the quality of the harness, and were eager to try it on for size – but when we tried the harness on Rooney to see if it fit, we saw that the harness was too long for his short body (the front part went all the way to the back – and partially covered his tinkler, so the back part couldn’t be attached at all).

We sent an email to your customer service department in order to see if/how we could go about exchanging the harness for a smaller size, and were promptly answered by possibly the nicest lady I’ve crossed paths with in a long time, named Martha.

She was amazing!  She recommended that I get another model (not available on the website), but she was not sure if I would be able to get it in time for Rooney’s surgery.

I asked her to send me this new model, knowing that it was better late than never (I knew that I needed it for the next 2 months or so anyway), and she kindly did so :)

I also inquired on how I should go about sending back the initial harness, and was pleasantly surprised to hear that I could simply donate the harness to my local vet or animal shelter (which we gladly did – we got our second dog, a 4-6 year old German Shepherd named Mika) from a no-kill shelter, and we donated the harness to them).

We got the new harness in time for his surgery, and he seems to be recovering well, the TPLOs are healing nicely – although he did manage to rip a muscle in his leg afterwards (hopefully the harness will help us avoid a second surgery).

You and your team truly are animal lovers and have made our lives so much easier…and Rooney is especially thankful for your help!

Thank you for everything – you guys are the best!!!