Dear Dr. J,

On July 19, 2013, Kona had TPLO surgery on her right knee.  It was such a difficult decision whether to have this surgery or not.  This would be Kona’s third knee surgery (same knee!)  The previous two surgeries were unsuccessful.  Kona is an avid hiker, swimmer, and all around very athletic girl.  The pain she was experiencing indicated to us that TPLO was our final answer.  We knee the surgery would be a tough one, tougher than the previous two.  But we had no idea what was really involved until we got her home after four nights at the vet hospital post surgery.

Kona walked out of the hospital with a square shaved area on her rear from the epidural, a narcotic pain patch on her left rear leg, a sling, pain pills, anti-inflammatory pills and a list of rules and instructions.  Once we got her loaded into the back of the SUV, she then had a 2-1/2 hour drive home to our mountain community, curving roads and all.  She was in so much pain it was horrible to watch.  We got her settled in the house, but she wasn’t comfortable for days.  I spent the night on the floor with her trying to keep her comfortable.  Neither of us got much sleep.  I sure was questioning myself about doing the right thing for her.  She had no interest in food and not much in water.  I hand fed her for several days so that we could get her pills down her with something on her stomach.  Thank goodness I am retired and was able to just sit and care for my girl.  She needed that one-on-one care for about 7-10 days.  At about day three or four, I couldn’t stand watching what she was going through and after a very unsatisfying chat with the vet that did the surgery, I decided to go online and see what more information I could find about post TPLO surgery.  Thanks goodness I found Dr. J and Top Dog Health!  I immediately saw that this was a site that would help me and downloaded everything I could from him.  In the first video, Dr. J says “Take a deep breath, we are going to get through this.”  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  A vet that understood I was having trouble and fearful for my dog.  Dr. J took me through everything on what to expect, how to help her in every aspect.  I followed his instructions to the tee!  Not only did it help Kona, it helped me!  I was seeing progress and felt like I was an active participant in healing my dog.

Upon our first follow-up appointment with the surgeon, he was very pleased with Kona’s progress and told us to keep up the good work.  I told him the only reason we both survived the first four weeks was because of Dr. J and his instructions.  We started Kona on the Glycanaid-HA supplements at this point.  Her healing process seemed to speed up and she was using her leg more.  We were all housebound for the full eight weeks, no stairs, no running, etc.  Again, sure glad I was able to stay home and watch her every second.  At the eight week check-up with the surgeon, he of course x-rayed her and stated that her knee is completely stable and healing perfectly.  He stated “I wish all my patients were doing this well at eight weeks, keep doing whatever it is you are doing.”  I had printed up the materials from Dr. J’s site and recommended to him that he provide this thorough of a guide and information to all of his TPLO patients, it is what saved Kona and I.  He assured us that he would, and I truly hope that he does.  We needed this information up front, not finding it on my own.

As of today we are almost five months into Kona’s recovery time.  She still pulls her leg up occasionally when she trots, but bears full weight on it most of the time.  She hiked with me for two miles and did great!  She swims on a regular basis too, but no more bounding into the water, nice slowly emerging is the goal.  Because Kona is 7 years old, has had two previous knee surgeries, and some hip dysphasia on the right side, she will never be 100%.  We were just hoping to get her out of pain and able to continue to do the sports that she loves.  With TopDog Health and Dr. J, we have achieved that goal.  Words alone could never express our gratitude for providing the very best advice, video demonstrations, and joint supplement on the market. I am convinced that the outcome for Kona would not have been as positive without the help and guidance provided by TopDog Health.  I wish everyone that out there that is considering TPLO surgery for their pet, or has had it, contact Dr. J and TopDog Health now.  No matter how great the surgeon and/or vet, this program is the answer to an informative surgical decision and successful recovery!

Again Many Thanks for all that you have provided to our family!