My Newfoundland was diagnosed with SEVERE hip dysplasia and our vet determined that the best approach would be FHO surgery.  When we were able to bring her home, the vet failed to inform us on what to expect.  When her leg was dangling and she sat on it and urinated all over it, I freaked.  I came inside and cleaned her up and tried to call the vet.  He was not available so I resorted to the internet where I found TOP DOG HEALTH and a book on my dogs surgery.  I read what I could and downloaded the E-BOOK.  It was such a relief that what I was experiencing the first couple of hours with her was all NORMAL. When I was finally was able to talk with the vet he said it was a llittle overkill using the book but I thought it made more since than he did.  My husband works in WOUND CARE and said all the therapy can only help.  It has been 7 days and we have started the moist heat and she is walking on her injured leg with about 25% pressure most of the time and she is loving all the attention during therapy time.  Without the book I would not know what to do or how to do it properly. Thank you so much Top Dog Health!