In January I found a sweet little dog on a dog rescue website!  He was found abandoned in an elevator wrapped in a shower curtain.  I was told he had been in the elevator about 9 hours.  He had cherry eye in both eyes and a bad hip!  He was taken to a vet in Los Angeles  who fixed his cherry eyes, neutered him and gave him FHO surgery!  I called and asked about him and I was the only person who had inquired about him,  two days later he joined me and my two pugs in Nevada.  He was a month out from surgery when I got him and I had no idea what FHO even meant!  When I picked him up sometimes he would cry in pain with his hip!  I was afraid to hurt him!  He never used his back left leg and hopped around on three legs!  So after about week I googled FHO and learned what the surgery was!  Lucky,  I also saw Top Dog Health and the recovery program for dogs!  I read the entire program and started that day!  Thank God for you all!!!  My dog Tazzy is doing so well and uses his leg most of the time!  If he over uses it he will limp occasionally!  Your program is wonderful and I’m so appreciative as my new family member is happy and doing well!