Dear Dr. J,

I just wanted to say that you are so admired for your dedication and caring.  Your informative messages are always appreciated and they are a great learning experience, especially in your presentation.

I am so glad that I found your site over a year ago while gathering insight on the different surgical procedures for a cruciate ligament tear and after reading your informative explanation of the differences in the procedures was greatly relieved by the choice made to have TTA done.  The best part was your detailed day to day recovery instructions, which I was truly so gratified to have, in the recovery of my Standard Poodle…Deedee, who was only 1 1/2 at the time.  And I referred my vet to your site as well as showing him your recovery instructions….he in turn has referred several of his patients…I also gave a copy to the surgeon!

Unfortunately after the first month she somehow threw one of the screws out and cracked a bone, which put us back a little, but the surgeon felt that since the cage was still in place her bone would hopefully heal around it and we would not need further surgery.  She did heal …no further surgery but she does have a “funny” gate…she throws that “knee” out while walking, but we have built that muscle up.  We go for good walks, but I have hesitated to let her run loose in the park and I’m sure that as she ages will see the effects of arthritis.

Which brings me to another wonderful compliment to you….the GlycanAid is a terrific supplement.  Our other girl…Willa who will be 5 in October is our rescued girl and she has bad hips.  Both of our girls are on the GlycanAid.  One quick question if you are able to respond, the girls are suffering from allergies and are very itchy, as we are trying to eliminate all kinds of possibilities, you haven’t had anyone that’s had an allergic reaction have you?

I could go on but I’m sure you get so many wonderful testimonials from everyone who discovers you, that you don’t possibly have time to read all of them.  Just also wanted to thank you so much for your personal note.