Our dog Cali had FHO surgery last year…your information was a Godsend in helping us understand the steps to assist in making her recovery much easier!  She has less severe dysplasia in her “good” hip.  We give her Glycanaid HA and it makes a HUGE difference.   My daughter now gives it Rider, her elderly Lab. She was giving him another brand of joint supplement which didn’t seem to help much.  Since he as been taking the Glycanaid HA, we can’t believe the difference…he now runs up and down the stairs, and is able to jump on the sofa and bed…not sure if they’re happy about those improvements :)

 After seeing what the Glycanaid HA has done for Cali and Rider, my brother started giving Glycanaid HA to his two 13-year-old Labs.  They have seen some improvement in their dogs’ ability to get around, and they will keep giving it to them with the hope that they see further improvement.

Thanks again, and we’ll keep spreading the word about your products!