Thank you so much for sending this story. We are faced with a similar situation. First off, our beloved Daizy survived ACL surgery, lost 15 pounds and survived another ACL injury and was on GlycanAid HA. We credited GlycanAid HA with her ACL recovery as well as the step-by-step rehab program you offered. We followed it religiously. Unfortunately we lost her a week before Christmas when an embolism on her spine took away all use of the lower half of her body.

So having been through all of this we found out recently that our four year old high energy aussie, Dash has a torn ACL. We were stunned. We can’t make a decision about the surgery right now, based on all that happened to Daizy, so while he is on light pain medicine we have him on GlycanAid HA! His weight is fine.

We felt comfortable with our decision but the timing of you sending this article really helped us know that we are doing the right thing for Dash. We are not 100% opposed to the surgery just need time to think about all that goes with it. This article certainly helped our confidence with the decision we have made thus far.

WE are firm believers in GlycanAid HA. It helped Daizy recover and we know it is helping Dash now too.

Thank You!