Hi Dr J,

I want to thank you so much for the work that you do.  My service dog “Gracie” had TPLO surgery on September 25th.  I was so worried for her and for my abilities to care for her in the same dedicated way that she has cared for me over the years. I did not pick a surgeon that believes in supplements or home physical therapy,  I am not sure what I was thinking.  I have cooked her food and taken her to a vet who uses an integrative approach for years.  We did acupuncture, herbs and tried to work this issue naturally but it was not possible.  The irony of me finding myself with this kind of surgeon makes me laugh today many days after surgery.

My first experience with you and your organization was the recovery checklist which was helpful in just checking items off and getting prepared without being overwhelmed.  I felt grounded in knowing this was a long journey that we are on.

I love the rehabilitation guide.  It is clear and concise and I feel like I know exactly what I should be doing each day. I also appreciated the journal area as I have kept very detailed notes.  She has a tear in the other leg as well so we are likely to be doing this again.  I pray for a better surgery experience next time.  I wish we could fly out to you.

The videos are fabulous.  I feel very competent doing each new exercise with her.  I have watched the videos several times as I have built my confidence.  I still have not found those dog treats you keep talking about.

The emails are amazing.  I feel so supported by you and I do not even know you.  They come at the exact right moments when encouragement and support are most needed.  Friends and family are trying to support this but they really don’t get whats happening under it all.  They don’t understand that it’s really not ok to to have infractions at all nor that she is looking and wanting to do more than she can or should. Funny, I see my surgeon after week 8, I could call if I needed her but so far no calls, emails from her – just the final bill. LOL

Then when I thought I was completely supported, encouraged and en-powered by you – you did something else.  You sent me the supplements for shipping costs only.  That is more than any person could imagine.  I just can not tell you how much your information and support has helped me so far.  I have just begun the journey, but I know I can count on you and I have no fear about how we will make it for the next 5 months and 1 week.  We will do it one week, one page of the guide, one video at a time. This is what we needed. I can not think of a way to help you or thank you enough for your work, dedication and effort.  Gracie and I want you to know we appreciate you and your team.  If there is ever anything I can do to help please do not hesitate to let me know.  I wish there were more people like you out in the world.

Thanks and take good care,