Last year, we started seeing some trembling in our 10yr old German Shorthaired Pointer, Josey’s, hind legs.  We noticed that she would get up really slowly and seemed to be stiff.  At that time, I did a little research and purchased GlycanAid HA Factor.  Josey had immediate, noticeable improvement with her mobility and continues to benefit as time goes on.  She yummys them down like treats!

I took the bottle with me to her last veterinary appointment and got the thumbs up from our vet. Last month, my mom mentioned that her two dogs, also getting up in age, were having some similar mobility issues.  I recommended GlycanAid HA Factor.  She recently shared that her dogs love their new “treats” and that she can see a difference in them already.

Thank you, thank you, Dr. St. Clair and Top Dog Health!