My Bailey is making an amazing recovery following her 2nd TPLO.  I listened to you, gave up the Adequan and have started her on your wonderful product.  She is post-op 8 weeks now and is doing so well!  She has been on your product for about 3 weeks. I am seeing Bailey become a puppy again!   I am not sure if she is simply healing so well and is so happy, or if it is your product plus all the good food and love and attention that she gets.   It’s all so amazing.  We are  planning a vacation this fall to the beautiful beaches of NC.  Bailey and her rescue sister Abby will join us.  They love the beach!!

Thanks to you, your amazing resources and top-shelf product, we will have a great time!  Thank you for all that you do to help and support  all the critters and their mommies.   We value you!!