My family often debates how many years over the age of 10 our Catahoula, Charra, really is. What we don’t debate is that she loves the outdoors and the word “hike” sends her and our other dog, Tarki, into a frenzy of excitement. So when Charra had ACL tears in both knees as well as hip dysplasia, we were concerned that her hiking days were over. After two surgeries 2 years ago, we put her on GlycanAid HA-Factor. As you can see from the attached video, she is able to hike without discomfort and run around the next day without any issues. It’s too bad that we didn’t video her on the way up the mountain. We didn’t think to video her until after six hours of activity and on the way back to the car. We know that the humans bushwhacked 6 miles through manzanita and rocks ….so we know that Charra and Tarki easily doubled that with side trips up and down the hills chasing deer and rabbits.

Thank you for ensuring that Charra and Tarki age gracefully and that we continue to enjoy our outings in the beautiful Arizona winter.