My Bichon is now 9 wks post-op ACL surgery. He started doing PT on an underwater treadmill around wk 5. He just went to his vet for an 8 wk post-op recheck and after looking at his x-rays, his vet told me if he did not know Bailey had had surgery he would not be able to tell he had had surgery because he had perfect alignment in his leg. I was so glad to hear that news. I credit it to the surgeon and starting Bailey on GlycanAid HA about 3 weeks before his surgery.

I have the best news! On the day after his 1st swimming PT I decided to take him for a little walk. We walked on grass and then we moved to cement and as long as we went at a slow pace all 4 paws were walking on the cement! We did the same thing the next day and he walked on the concrete. This morning after his breakfast he was walking on all 4 on the hard wood floor. I think swimming in the pool has boosted his muscles and his confidence. 99% of the time I forget he’s a rescue dog with a history I know nothing about. When the vet took the last set of x-rays at his 8 wk check he told me and I saw it that Bailey had been shot with a bee bee gun. Because there was a bee bee in the x-ray. Having him on his leash and walking with me again is the best gift I could ever receive. We are keeping our speed slow for as long as he needs it to be slow. Slow is a speed he never used pre-surgery but he seems to be getting comfortable with it:) I’m still giving him 1/2 a Tramadol on the longer PT days. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and I’m so happy to report Bailey is doing so well in his recovery. It is only due to all the information I received from you and the GlycanAid HA supplement that I’ve been able to keep his recovery on track and see his progress. Thank you so very much.