Cinta our Shetland sheep dog had hip dysplasia caused by lack of development of the hip bone due to being the little runt of her litter.  We were devastated, she was so little at the time, only 9 months of age, and she could barely walk.  The vet told us she would always been in pain unless we had an excision anthroplasty performed.  They suggested I look up on your website for physio exercises to help Cinta recover.  Her surgery happened end of April, I printed out the 8 week plan and had it posted on our fridge.  The plan on your website was brilliant, she has fully recovered with just a slight limp which truthfully you would have to know she had it done to pick it up.   We are having the other side done February next year, I will be pulling out those pages again to help her recover again.  But thank you so much, I feel more confident for her when the next operation takes place.