Our catahoula mix Austin luxated his right patella in October 2015 when he was only 10 months old and had right-sided MPL repair in November 2015.  On December 20, 7 weeks into rehab, he luxated his left patella and had MPL repair on January 15 but just a week later it popped out again so he had a revision on January 28.  After much research, we started Austin on both Flexerna and GlycanAid HA back in November 2015, wanting him to be on the best glucosamine and Omega 3 on the market due to his young age.  We have not been disappointed.  We are now 12 weeks into rehab of the left revision surgery and he could not be doing better.  He is walking/jogging/a little bit of running 4 to 6 miles a day (after of course a great 8-week checkup and the go-ahead from his surgeon) without a single lame step since walking out of the hospital in January and he is a power walker, slow has never been in his vocabulary.  He does not appear to be stiff or sore even after extra long walks.  I believe these products are the reason why he is healing so quickly and feeling so well.  And, of course, the rehab videos on the Top Dog website were so helpful in getting him to this point (yes, he is still a lazy sitter but we are working on that).  Thank you, Dr. J and team.  And thank you for the fast shipment of GlycanAid HA when we almost ran out.  We did not want him to miss a single dose.  He will be on both of these products for his lifetime.