Hi Dr. James,

I completed your 12 week survey but wanted to share my Grandog Quinn’s story with you.

My 5 1/2 year old  English yellow lab, Grandog, Quinn had both cruciates torn when he had his first surgery in January.  The more recent tear was repaired because he had more strength in the other leg for post op recovery.    I was limited with rehab with the first surgery because he would become lame in the still torn cruciate in the other leg. The second repair was done 7 weeks ago.  He is recovering beautifully and I am now able to fully use your rehab program following the second surgery.  Quinn is also doing water treadmill therapy.

I tried conservative treatment for almost a year when Quinn was diagnosed with a strain.  It was no fun with his size and energy level!    I made an appointment for acupuncture with another Vet, Dr. Jerry Scheck In Hopewell Junction, N.Y.  after Quinn pulled the leash out of my hand and chased a rabbit, remaining lame without recovering like he did in the past.   He confirmed that the ACL was torn and Quinn needed surgery.   The second tear occurred just before his scheduled surgery.  The main reason I pursued conservative treatment was that I was uncomfortable with the invasive procedures of the TPLO and TTA.  I had pursued the fish line repair but Quinn was too big for that procedure.    Dr. Scheck  told me of the Fibular Head Transposition repair done in his office by  Dr. DeAngelis.  Dr. DeAngelis is known for his surgery called the “DeAngelis Technique”.  He is semi retired and travels to local offices doing the Fibular Head Transposition repair.  And this is only 1 hour from where I live!

Up until then, only the TPLO had been recommended to me by every Vet I went to.  I scheduled the surgery with Dr. DeAngelis and you know the rest of the story.

I certainly hope I made the right surgical decision but so far all is going great.  Life has a way of working out!

It has been a long New York winter with two surgeries.  Spring is here and Quinn and I will soon be hiking our together again!

I enclosed some pictures of Quinn.   His baby photo won a photography contest!  He is beautiful and as you can tell, we love him dearly.

Thank you for all your guidance.  You perform a wonderful service!