I downloaded your CCL rehabilitation information a while ago. Our dog did have surgery 5 weeks ago. I took the information to share with the vet doing surgery. He looked it over, said that he “doesn’t want anyone messing with his surgical repair and that dogs do their own physical therapy.” So… I listened to his comments with a grain of salt, and when my dog came home (we boarded him with the vet for the first 4 weeks, as we knew the only way we could keep him quiet was to have him heavily sedated – not an option in my mind) I began following your protocol. He is doing very well, getting stronger, and does not seem to have much pain. As a physical therapist, I know people don’t always follow our recommendations and often have poor outcomes, which they blame on the surgeon. I think you need to start the education process for vets in veterinary school. It’s difficult to get people to change when they feel what they have been doing is working Any way, thanks so much for the information.