I signed up for the Smart Ship program with my dog’s GlycanAid for several reasons: first and most importantly, I did not want to ever run out of this fantastic supplement! Before I got it on smart ship, I ordered it “as needed” and, inevitably, lost track more than once. Result, doggie did not get her pill and the pain was creeping back. She has severe hip dysplasia and a titanium plate in her knee to fix her torn meniscus. And arthritis in her shoulder. I saw a real and pronounced difference with constant use of the GlycanAid. So running out is NOT an option for my girlie!Second, and also important, is the cost savings which are so kindly provided with the program. Thirdly, the convenience–who needs one more thing to keep track of in their busy schedule? Not me! And the service is great–I appreciate always getting an email just before it ships as a reminder. The one time there was a mistake made, the customer service was quick to fix it and friendly too. So there is no downside. If your dog is lucky enough to be on GlycanAid, I can’t for the life of me see why you wouldn’t get the Smart Ship option!Thanks so much, Dr. J, for the incredible work you do and the life-changing supplements you have created!