Dr. St. Clair:

Thank you. This was not an easy fix for all his problems. He was hit by a hit and run driver April 1st of last year. Three out of his four legs had severe orthopedic injuries. The right rear had three surgeries, the last being FHO in September 2014, as a last ditch effort to get him as back to normal as he could be without amputation. (The total of surgeries was 6) I just keep telling myself, as you said, give it 6 months; so we still have time to get him a bit better. I truly believe that because of all of these orthopedic joint issues and fractures, he is much better with the GlycanAid HA from you and the therapy recommendations for FHO. Over time as he ages, he is only going to be 2 in March, this supplement will keep him comfortable as the arthritis sets in. I have no doubt that even though he is limping, he is much better off with your program recommendations and the GlycanAid HA than he would have been without them. I have signed up for the regular shipments.

Churchill sends a big sloppy kiss to you!