Hi, Dr. J.,

I ordered the Glycanaid HA when my  8 year old Cocker Spaniel was scheduled for ACL surgery in February.  He is a healthy, happy dog, typical of his breed.  I started the supplement a week after his surgery and he is doing well.  Cocker’s just aren’t designed for jumping at the back fence to talk to the neighbors.  Or maybe it is the landing they are not designed for.  Straight up, straight down, ouch.

When I took him to his vet, for his six week follow up I let his vet know that he was on the supplement.  He said Sammy Joe was coming along well and that he should benefit by staying on the Glycanaid HA as too often dogs develop some arthritis at the site.

We also talked about our older Lhasho Apso, Buster, who is 14 and has severe arthritis in his front legs.  He has a regular regimen of Rimadyl each day to ease his discomfort.  We decided to put Buster on the supplement as well.  What a surprise!  Buster is moving better than he has in years.  He is more lively and really gets into his short daily walk again.  He still doesn’t hear or see well but, his quality of life has improved a lot.

Both dogs have more energy and freedom of movement.  An unexpected benefit to be sure.