Dr. James,

I have a 4 year old Doberman girl who had TPLO surgery on both knees a month ago.  I started giving her GlycanAid before surgery and followed your recommendation for rehabilitation right after surgery. We got her to loose 15 lbs ( from 97 to 83 lbs now).

It seems that she is almost 100 % better. She is ready to run and jump, but we keep her on leash, and walking for 15 min 2 – 3 times a day as you recommended.  We saw her doctor this weekend, and he was very pleased with the results of her rehabilitation.

Thank you very much for your help, advise, and the GlycanAid product.
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5 star glycanaid review
Natalia & Dinara

Last year, we started seeing some trembling in our 10yr old German Shorthaired Pointer, Josey’s, hind legs.  We noticed that she would get up really slowly and seemed to be stiff.  At that time, I did a little research and purchased GlycanAid HA Factor.  Josey had immediate, noticeable improvement with her mobility and continues to benefit as time goes on.  She yummys them down like treats!

I took the bottle with me to her last veterinary appointment and got the thumbs up from our vet. Last month, my mom mentioned that her two dogs, also getting up in age, were having some similar mobility issues.  I recommended GlycanAid HA Factor.  She recently shared that her dogs love their new “treats” and that she can see a difference in them already.

Thank you, thank you, Dr. St. Clair and Top Dog Health!
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5 star joint supplement review
Katherine & Josey

Hi, Dr. J.,

I ordered the Glycanaid HA when my  8 year old Cocker Spaniel was scheduled for ACL surgery in February.  He is a healthy, happy dog, typical of his breed.  I started the supplement a week after his surgery and he is doing well.  Cocker’s just aren’t designed for jumping at the back fence to talk to the neighbors.  Or maybe it is the landing they are not designed for.  Straight up, straight down, ouch.

When I took him to his vet, for his six week follow up I let his vet know that he was on the supplement.  He said Sammy Joe was coming along well and that he should benefit by staying on the Glycanaid HA as too often dogs develop some arthritis at the site.

We also talked about our older Lhasho Apso, Buster, who is 14 and has severe arthritis in his front legs.  He has a regular regimen of Rimadyl each day to ease his discomfort.  We decided to put Buster on the supplement as well.  What a surprise!  Buster is moving better than he has in years.  He is more lively and really gets into his short daily walk again.  He still doesn’t hear or see well but, his quality of life has improved a lot.

Both dogs have more energy and freedom of movement.  An unexpected benefit to be sure.
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5 star glycanaid review
Carol, Sammy Jo & Buster

Hi, Dr. J.,

We LOVE Glycanaid. Thank you. I feel as if you’ve added a year or so on to our 14 year border collie’s life. He has so much more energy to run and his legs rarely collapse since he’s been on the supplement. And he likes the way they taste too. You rock!


P.S. Shadow is 14 years old in July. He’s a border collie, chow, lab mix. Super smart and his mind is still very active. He runs faster than me on most walks since using Glycanaid. :)
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5 star glycanaid review
Lorrie & Shadow

Shelby had her TPLO surgery on Jan. 13,2014. Shelby is a Aussie cattle dog/Siberian Husky weighing in at 50.1 lbs. the date of surgery.

I give all my thanks to the manual on care downloaded free from TopDog. Without that I was in the dark as to how to give her the care she needed. Not affording professional help I used the guidelines given.  With that and adding the GlycanAid HA to her diet, we have come through with flying colors.

Our surgeon says she is healed 100 percent and she has no limping at all. She is now off leash for most of the day only back on when circumstances require it ( neighbors dog out, squirrel harassing her or the stray cats) to control the running.

I am proud to say I am 75 years old and both dogs (Chelsey, Aussie/border collie) walk our mile or two everyday.

Thank you so much for all the help.
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5 star glycanaid review
Lucille & Shelby

My baby boy Buster is the love of my life, but things have not always been easy for him.  Due to genetics, at a young age, Buster required surgery to replace the ACLs in both knees.  In addition, Buster suffers from severe seasonal allergies and the only effective treatment for relief was steroids. Needless to say, this remedy caused Buster to gain a significant amount of weight and limit his mobility.

Once arthritis sent in a couple of years ago, Buster began to limp, and I feared that my faithful companion would never be able to go on long walks with me ever again.

Fortunately that same year while attending the New England Pet Expo, I was educated about the natural benefits of GlycanAid.  I ordered some of the HA-Factor version of this product and started giving Buster two GlycanAid chewable tablets every day.  In a short period of time, not only did Buster’s lameness go away, but he seemed more energetic and was interested in going on longer walks.

I religiously give Buster his GlycanAid tablets every day which he enjoys as a tasty treat.  Please see the attached picture for proof of that.  My never-ending gratitude goes out to Top Dog Health organization for giving my boy his mobility back.  You have helped to make me one happy dog owner and have made Buster the world’s Happiest Puggle.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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5 star glycanaid review
Ron Rice & Buster

A year ago my black 10yr old lab had his second acl surgery.  I had him on glucosamine  chondroitin & MSM since then.   He did improve, but because he is 10, I wanted more quality of life for him.  Two weeks ago, I started him on the Glycanaid HA.   I see an even bigger improvement.  He can  jump and stand on both back legs.   It may cost more but worth it to see him active.  Thanks for a great product!
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5 star glycanaid review
Marie & Storm

Dock is a three year old Lab. Just had his birthday on April Fool’s Day. On September 12, 2013 he had TPLO surgery on his right hind leg. He had struggled with lameness issues for a nine month period prior to surgery. We tried several treatment options to try to determine the cause of his lameness. If wasn’t until we had the knee scoped that a cruciate ligament partial rupture became apparent. He never did exhibit the defining ”drawer movement” symptom.

We were home for two weeks post op when I accidentally found the Top Dog Health site and the wonderful TPLO Home Rehab Guide. This was such an amazing resource. It reduced personal anxiety, gave forward direction, things to avoid and how to do exercises the correct way. The support videos were incredible. Best of all was the interaction with Dr. J when a setback occurred.  At this point we ordered the GlycanAid HA supplement. Dock has been on it ever since.

We have had our challenges trying to get in enough walking outdoor this winter. The snow in Dock’s yard was over three feet deep at its lowest depth for most of the winter. We have done a lot of the exercises outlined in the guide in our rec room. The bone in Dock’s leg was healed by our twelve week visit. Since that time we have seen a certified rehab therapist to further assist in Dock’s recovery. Walking incorrectly to avoid pain for those pre-surgery months led to some compensation injuries.

We had our final planned program visit on March 31, 2014. The veterinary therapist measured his legs, watched him walk, and trot out. He had met the goals on the Recovery Check List.  “He strides evenly, no sign of a limp. If you took him in obedience classes now he would win.”Yahoo!

Thank you Dr. J for all your help and for developing this great supplement.  It has made a big difference in Dock’s recovery and he is so happy he has now been cleared to have supervised play with other dogs.

Thank you so much!
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5 star glycanaid review
Dock and Evelyn Elliott

I’m so FLIPPIN excited… I started “Zoe” (my almost 6 yr old Siberian Husky) on GlycanAid about 3 weeks after her TPLO surgery (surgery on 9/26/13) & we JUST came home from her 8 wk check up & X-rays…. Oh my GOSH!  We… My hubby, Vet & myself are very EXCITED to report that he can’t even see a line where the bone was cut n moved. The healing is FANTABULOUS!  GlycanAid is AWESOME!!!

I’m so thankful I came across your TPLO video & website the night before my baby’s surgery. YOU have gotten me thru it ALL.  Weekly email with therapy guidelines, emails answering my questions & concerns, GlycanAid & Flexerna & ALL the AWESOME info on your website… You’re the BEST!  Thank you sooo very much.  I know we are NOT out of the woods by far & she just started limping on the other (non surgery) leg which scares me to death… but…. Her surgery stuff is all moving along so nicely & in my heart… I owe it all to you.

I’m really bummed that I can’t thank you & give you a hug in person but… Know that I TRULY do appreciate all you have done for not only myself & my Siberian… But to all who come in contact with you.

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5 star glycanaid review
Penny Sharpe (& Zoe too)