Thanks for the Email Dr. J… so far im extremely happy with the Glycanaid HA. Bugsy has been taking the loading dose for 2 weeks now, not only does he love the taste but it really seems to be helping with his recovery. He’s 3 weeks post op and getting better every day!

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Carrine & Bugsy

I am really happy with the GlycanAid HA.  I used it after right after my dog recovered from her cruciate ligament surgery thanks to a promotional coupon you sent me.  After we were done with the bottle I put her on her regular glucosamine supplement pills and my husband and I noticed right away that she was waking up stiff and was stiff after sitting down for a while.  We’ve got her back on the GlycanAid HA for a couple of weeks now and the difference is really noticeable.  Thanks for checking in.

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Dear Dr. J,

I just wanted to say that you are so admired for your dedication and caring.  Your informative messages are always appreciated and they are a great learning experience, especially in your presentation.

I am so glad that I found your site over a year ago while gathering insight on the different surgical procedures for a cruciate ligament tear and after reading your informative explanation of the differences in the procedures was greatly relieved by the choice made to have TTA done.  The best part was your detailed day to day recovery instructions, which I was truly so gratified to have, in the recovery of my Standard Poodle…Deedee, who was only 1 1/2 at the time.  And I referred my vet to your site as well as showing him your recovery instructions….he in turn has referred several of his patients…I also gave a copy to the surgeon!

Unfortunately after the first month she somehow threw one of the screws out and cracked a bone, which put us back a little, but the surgeon felt that since the cage was still in place her bone would hopefully heal around it and we would not need further surgery.  She did heal …no further surgery but she does have a “funny” gate…she throws that “knee” out while walking, but we have built that muscle up.  We go for good walks, but I have hesitated to let her run loose in the park and I’m sure that as she ages will see the effects of arthritis.

Which brings me to another wonderful compliment to you….the GlycanAid is a terrific supplement.  Our other girl…Willa who will be 5 in October is our rescued girl and she has bad hips.  Both of our girls are on the GlycanAid.  One quick question if you are able to respond, the girls are suffering from allergies and are very itchy, as we are trying to eliminate all kinds of possibilities, you haven’t had anyone that’s had an allergic reaction have you?

I could go on but I’m sure you get so many wonderful testimonials from everyone who discovers you, that you don’t possibly have time to read all of them.  Just also wanted to thank you so much for your personal note.

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Deborah & Deedee

Ollie’s doing great! We took it very easy and followed your rehab guide and also we give him the GlycanAid HA, three wafers a day (he’s 75 pounds) and I can tell you that we could tell a difference within that first week of double dosing!!!! This stuff is magic!!!!! Thank you so much for all you do, we really appreciate it, especially Ollie! He is six and a half and is a goldendoodle

All my Best!

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Crystal & Ollie

Levi had his 6 week x-rays (Post TPLO) & everything looks great! THIS IS THE BEST FEELING EVER! It has been worth every second of all this hard work. It was this support system that got me & Levi through this very traumatic experience. This has been my life-line. I truly thank every single person on this site who has posted comments to all my questions & for all posts about your experiences that have answered many of my questions. Also the harness, ice pack, Glycanaid HA & Flexerna that I have bought through TopDog have been incredible (I have used the harness up until yesterday & just put regular collar back on. We are the happiest family ever, 30 minute walks and leash for potty:) What an amazing thing you have done Dr. J…Here in Kansas City you are a celebrity & my family and I tell everyone about what an amazing vet you are. THANK YOU

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Levi’s Family

Hi Dr. J. and Staff,

I just wanted to send a quick note to say “thank you” all for your support and information for my dog Quincys recovery.  I found your sight by accident about 1 week prior to my dogs surgery.  I have to say that If not for you sight, I would have no idea how to help my dog recover.  I printed the TPLO recovery guide and studied it from page to page.  It now looks like an old book because I refer to it all the time to see what I should be doing.  My dog is now 8 weeks post TPLO and he is doing very well.  Due to the information on your website and the recovery guide, my vet was amazed at  how well Quincy is using his leg and how little muscle loss he has.  If not for the information and TPLO guide, I think my dog would be weeks behind in his recovery.  In addition, I ordered the Glycanaid HA and Flexerna and see a huge difference in him.  I will continue to use these supplements for him as he is 8 years old and will need them for the rest of his years.  So thank you again, and I will continue to come to your website for information as well as ordering the amazing supplements you offer.

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Jill Valentine & Quincy

So far Molly is doing fine.  it’s been a year and 5 months since her TPLO and because I followed your rehab therapy exercises to the letter, she is now running and playing like she’s never had a torn ACL in her life!  I continue giving her GlycanAid as I am hoping her right ACL does not tear as well.

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Roz & Molly

Thank you very much – I love your website and the “personal” feel I get from the follow-up emails and advice.  My dog required TWO surgeries as a result of a fall while hunting that dislocated his right hip.  The second surgery was necessary because the vet did not realize (during the first repair) that the head of his femur was fractured, so the mesh repair didn’t work and a FHO was necessary.

It’s been a long haul for sure (we’re approaching 3 months from the initial injury) but thanks to your brochure of physical therapy exercises we’ve been able to make progress and the other day he actually stood flat-footed and bore weight on the leg for the first time.  In addition to your therapy regimen, I found a place where we can do hydrotherapy as well.  So I’m optimistic that the combination will bring him back to a [relatively] normal state.  “D’Art” loves the GlycanAid supplements.  We’re still on our first bottle (I give him 1 morning and night) and I’ll continue the regimen after this bottle is gone.  I’ve also recommended it to a friend, whose dog has been having her own issues with her back legs and lower spine.

I’ve also recommended your website to a NUMBER of people.  (Including giving you credit in an article I just wrote about “D’Art’s Misadventure” for our Breed Club Newsletter.)  D’Art is a field trial and show champion – and GREAT hunting dog.  Our goal is to hopefully get him to a point where he can hunt again.  Maybe not field trial, but at least hunt – because he loves it so much and he is such a joy to hunt over.  I am so grateful for the guidance I’ve got from you.  I know it is helping.  THANKS!

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Lynda L. Kieres

Dr. St Clair,

I wanted to thank you for the product GlycanAid HA Factor. Roughly a year ago my 6 year Beagle, Tahoe, suddenly showed obvious problems with her back legs. Initially, we suspected a strain and provided her plenty of rest to heal. The problem worsen to the point where Tahoe could barely walk on her rear legs and most dragged her back end around until she could finally stand up. Having seen this I took Tahoe to our Vet and had X-Ray’s done and the diagnosis was the equivalent of an ACL tear in both legs, the right more severe than the other. I was provided with surgical options and
costs involved and the recovery procedure. Being the beginning of the winter months I consulted with our vet about the ramifications of delaying the surgeries until the spring for ease of recovery. This didn’t present an issue and our Vet’s recommendation was to watch her diet and prescribed pain killers for the bad days.

That day I became to search for options on the internet that may provide some relief and/or help in the recovering and rebuilding of Tahoes knees after surgery. Which is how I found I didn’t want to use the prescribed pain killers too often due to possible side effects, so after researching your product GlycanAid HA Factor I felt it was worth a try.

Began Tahoe on the 2 per day and continued this as directed and in a short period of time not only I saw the improvement in Tahoe’s mobility, but others did as well. After 2 full months, the improvement was astonishing, Tahoe was walking again with no dragging of either leg and begin to once again use the stair without any assistance.  Needless to say, I continued the GlycanAid HA Factor and her improvement continued as well. As of today Tahoe shows no signs of issues within her rear legs and is now not only walking but using the stairs (up and down), jumping on the bed and furniture
(no way she could do this a year ago) and again accompanies me on walks where we jog at times as well. After all the activity, again Tahoe shows no signs of pain and anyone meeting her for the first would never know the condition she was in a short time ago.

I have no doubt in my mind that GlycanAid HA Factor and the weight reduction were the reasons for her turnaround. Tahoe has come such a long way her surgeries were canceled and she is living a fun-filled active life again. I continue to buy GlycanAid HA Factor to this day and will do so for as long as I am a pet owner. My other dog is also taking GlycanAid HA Factor just as a maintenance preventative and I have recommended the product to several friends.

We feel very fortunate that Tahoe did not have to undergo the invasive surgery planned and has returned to her playful self. Thank you for GlycanAid HA Factor.
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Rodney Wells