Our dog Cali had FHO surgery last year…your information was a Godsend in helping us understand the steps to assist in making her recovery much easier!  She has less severe dysplasia in her “good” hip.  We give her Glycanaid HA and it makes a HUGE difference.   My daughter now gives it Rider, her elderly Lab. She was giving him another brand of joint supplement which didn’t seem to help much.  Since he as been taking the Glycanaid HA, we can’t believe the difference…he now runs up and down the stairs, and is able to jump on the sofa and bed…not sure if they’re happy about those improvements :)

 After seeing what the Glycanaid HA has done for Cali and Rider, my brother started giving Glycanaid HA to his two 13-year-old Labs.  They have seen some improvement in their dogs’ ability to get around, and they will keep giving it to them with the hope that they see further improvement.

Thanks again, and we’ll keep spreading the word about your products!

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Mary Ann Stroich

Thank you so much for your weekly guides for TPLO surgery.  My 10 year old Boxer had his TPLO surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago and your newsletter emails are such a help!  Very little was explained after the surgery other than to keep him crated.  Thank you – thank you – thank you!!  It’s good to have a planned outlined such as yours.  We receive the Glycanaid HA yesterday and both of my Boxers have started the supplements. They both LOVED them and I didn’t have to sneak them into cream cheese like everything else!

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Dear Dr. James,

I just want to say “thank you” so much for making available to us such a fine product! My 11 year-old yorkie, Bobby, has gone from sleeping and lounging around all day to always wanting to go for a walk…sometimes he’ll even go for 40 minutes to an hour! I am taking my other 11 year old dog, Toby, off his current supplements as soon as he is finished with them and starting him on Glycanaid-HA also. Although he doesn’t seem to have as much severity as Bobby did, I know that he has a little trouble sometimes, and I am confident that he will do better with your product. Delivery has been very fast and packaging is excellent also. I try to tell everyone about Glycanaid-HA.  Thanks again!

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An Vu & Bobby

I have been using Glycan Aid HA now for almost 2 years.  That is when my Yorkie broke her left rear leg, tore all the tendons and ligaments and her kneecap had to be redone.  Yeppers she did a great job on herself!  And 2 weeks ago she did her ACL on her rear right leg….not as bad, thank goodness!  But…the GlycanAid HA works….and everyone should use it with their dog…make it a daily routine.  We do and even our Vet said it is GREAT stuff! Thanks!

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Rita K & Tootsie

My 6yr old Golden retriever Dakota had a traditional CCL repair and had part of her meniscus removed almost 7 months ago  After surgery she was still very stiff when she got up and would limp when tired after a 15 min walks.  I started her on Flexerna and GlycanAid-HA and now she is acting like a puppy!! no limp after running, swimming in the ocean and walking on the beach.  She now takes me for walks.  Even with the cold temperatures, I thought arthritis would make her even stiffer but she has been fine!! I have a very happy energetic dog!  I know it’s the supplements because I was told that even with the surgery that I would still see stiffness due to arthritis but I have seen improvement and no stiffness!

Thank you Top Dog for making my Dakota a happy dog!

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Diana Duque & Dakota

I purchased the GlycanAid-HA, I love, love, LOVE the GlycanAid-HA!!!! Angus has been on supplements for years, but he is so much better after taking this. Angus is only 3 years old, but has had 2 ACL surgeries–both knees; so you understand my concern with his quality of life. He was just over 1 yr old when his first knee blew & I was concerned for him to hopefully have a very long & happy future. Since using the GlycanAid-HA, he has been running HARD, he can catch Maggie (our 3 year old basenji) now and Maggie is very fast. He streeeeetches long, he’s starting to jump again when he’s excited & he’ll stand on his hind legs on the couch to look out the window. These are all changes that have occurred since being on the GlycanAid-HA. Thank you so much!!!!! We are all so very happy.

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Betty, Bill, Angus & Maggie Oaks

Rainier seems to have improved! It has only been 2 or 3 weeks. He moves better and isn’t so stiff when he first gets up. The snapping noises aren’t so prominent when he gets up and lies down. So I would call that significant improvement! he is walking without showing signs of pain like in the past. I sincerely hope I don’t have to put him through TPLO surgery again! I put him on the HA formula as an initial dosing. He didn’t get support like that when he was in recovery. I plan on continuing the GlycanAid regular maintenance when I finish this bottle. I plan to keep him on this supplement for the rest of his life. I believe that this formula gives him the joint support he needs. I see a distinct difference in his performance and behavior. We are about halfway through the first bottle and I didn’t expect to see such good results! Thank you again for your incentive and encouragement.

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I just want to write a quick note to let you know that GlycanAid-HA has helped both of our dogs greatly. Having two large breed dogs with knees and hips issues we know how hard is to find a product that can actually help our dogs, it has been an ongoing struggle to find a supplement that can do what GlycanAid-HA can do without any ill side effects. In these days with so many products promising to work miracles, it is nice to know that we can finally trust a supplement that can do what it is actually supposed to do. Bailey and Morgan (our spoiled pups) have never been happier and full of life.

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Alex V.

I love GlycanAid-HA. My dog had TTA surgery on July 31st, 2009 and after doing extensive research on which supplement would benefit him the most, I discovered that of course, I needed to give him the glucosamine and chondroitin, but the key ingredient is HA.  Your product is far superior to anything I have found and the result is in the pudding…or dog in this case.  Possum is lively, body slams with the best of them, and runs like he never had an operation.  I credit his great supplement for this behavior.  He gets a pill twice a day and is like a puppy.  I can’t recommend GlycanAid-HA enough to anyone, not just an orthodog.  Keep up the good work.  Thanks for a great product.

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JP Handsel & Possum