Kayla is a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer that has been extremely active all her life. Unfortunately, she’s had a few injuries over the years but never really slowed her down.

However, in October 2011, two days after the loss of my big boy, and Kayla’s brother Chilco to cancer, Kayla was tackled by accident by another dog while on our walk.  Kayla slipped, yelped and was hardly able to walk.  It turned out that she had torn the ACL in her left hind leg.  Her Vet was hoping is was only a partial tear and recommended full rest for my girl.  It became obvious that she was not getting any better so Kayla was referred to an orthopedic surgeon.  He diagnosed Kayla with a full tear of her ACL and partial tear of the meniscus.  The surgeon recommended the TPLO surgery, which I immediately agreed to.

When I got home, I wanted to educate myself more about ACL injuries and TPLO surgery.  That’s when I came across the TopDog Health website and was extremely amazed that Dr. St. James had a wealth of information and was also offering a “free” rehabilitation guide post TPLO.

I then read about his product, GlycanAid HA-Factor.  I really liked what I was reading about the product but decided to do more research about what else was being offered out there as a similar product.  Honestly, I was disappointed that I couldn’t find anything remotely close to this product in Canada.  After comparing many available products, I came to the conclusion that the GlycanAid HA-Factor was probably the best product I could find.  I decided to order some so I could start Kayla on it immediately after her surgery, which took place just before Christmas in 2011.

Kayla was 12 years old at the time and I had already had her on other type of joint supplement but never really noticed any real differences.  Of course, Kayla went through several months of rehab, hydro-therapy after her surgery, but when she started to walk without a limp, I should note that I followed Dr. St. Clair’s Guide to TPLO rehab, which Kayla’s surgeon was even impressed with!

I became a firm believer that GlycanAid HA-Factor was really helping her.  Her “old” joints seem to be like new and no longer bothering her after exercising.  For me, it was like a miracle and for Kayla it was like she was given a new life!  Kayla has been on GlycanAid HA-Factor since and I have no intent of stopping.  My girl turned 14 1/2 yrs a couple days ago and she still loves going for walks, swimming.  Of course, she’s slowing down and can’t jump in the truck anymore but I’m sure she’d be in worse shape if I wouldn’t discovered this amazing product. Kayla’s Vet is amazed how she’s doing right now considering her age.  Kayla is also on medication for hypo-tyrodism, liver and recently on heart meds because of her murmur getting worse but nothing is stopping her for enjoying life.  I made her a promise when she was 2 months old, that I would give her the best life possible, which includes the best care, nutrition and supplements available. GlycanAid HA-Factor is one of them!  Nothing but the BEST for my girl Kayla!

Thanks Dr. St. Clair for caring so much for our furry family members, and sharing your knowledge & expertise with us.
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5 star glycanaid review
Mike and Kayla

Both my husband and I have been extremely impressed with your helpful and caring staff.  Martha went out of her way to make sure that we had the correct size harness and sling for our lab/pitbull mix after her TPLO surgery almost 2 weeks ago.  I don’t know how we would have handled her (80 lbs. and very active) without the harness.  It gave HER the security and US the ability to manage her safely as she regained her mobility.

We also purchased the GlycanAid-HA tablets and have doubled the dosage during this recuperation period.  We intend to keep her on a maintenance dosage of this joint supplement for the rest of her life!

Thank you for assisting us during this very stressful time for both Sassy and us.  We only wish that all online retailers were as professional as TopDog!  We have shared our very positive experience with our vet and she seems equally impressed.

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Kathy and Wayne Hubbard (and Sassy)
I love my TPLO book! We had his surgery done at our local vet by a traveling surgeon.  The rehab paperwork was lacking in any instruction other than PROM and keep him contained for 2 months. I didn’t think this made sense as I have recovered from an ACL surgery and thought my slow PT was so beneficial. Why wouldn’t that help a dog? Your book has been a great source for slow rehab. My dog is so happy to get out and have his exercise walks as he was getting a bit of “cabin fever”. His 1 month check up was very good and on track. He likes your supplement and eats it quite happily.
Thank you so much!

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Dr. J,

I wrote to you before my dog’s FHO surgery, thanking your for all the information available to prepare me for my dog’s surgery.  Now, after following your great advise, we are five weeks post surgery. However, King wasn’t progressing as well as our vet had hoped.  I had already had him on Dasequin.  So, I decided to give your product a try. Within a week and a half, he began walking with a normal gate, no bunny hopping, I was thrilled.  We are continuing with massage and swimming.  So together, along with GlycanAid HA, I can only hope for great results by spring.

Thank you Dr. J, you really made a difference.
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5 star glycanaid review
Gail & King

I have been wanting to write and thank you so much for your 12 week rehab program as I had written you earlier re: Lacey have two torn ACL’s and not having surgery on either due to what people were telling us, her age was 8. We did not have the surgery but I followed your 12 week Rehab program to the letter doing every step of yours, plus ordering the Glycanaid and the Flexerna too, both helped immediately. I have also had a vet come and do some cold laser on her legs along with spinal manipulation.

This summer I have had her in the water, she does not like it, but I bath her and have her swim as well.

The swimming has really strengthened her legs as well. Yes last New Years eve she had already torn her right ACL and that day she tore her left. She could not walk we had to take her to the vet carrying her with towels and they put her on a stretcher.

I had to start my/your Rehab out by helping her stand with towels. It has all worked and she runs and plays just like a normal dog, barking and having the time of her life.

We go swimming at the bay and walk down the pier together no one would believe that 8 months ago she could not move and I attribute it to your incredible 12 week program. Feel free to use this anyway you need or want as far as for your worth, advertising or whatever.

Thank you so much,

Oh by the way we used the shorted leash in the rehab and we always used to use an extension, due to your rehab i still only use the short leash and Lacey does not mind at all.

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Patricia & Lacey
Hello Dr. J,
Snoopy, our 17ish year old rescue beagle is recovering well from his torn ACL a little over 8 weeks ago. He started GlycanAid HA several weeks ago and appears to be more confident with standing on his injured leg. He swims about 20 minutes a day with some in the water weight bearing. Now this is a dog who is currently also on IV chemo for soft tissue sarcoma diagnosed over 3 years ago, but recurred aggressively a year ago. He’s responding and tolerating doxorubicin amazingly well. Given the prior owner’s wanted to euthanize him 6 years ago due to a diagnosis of Valley Fever (the vet kept him and treated him, we adopted him 6 months later and that remains under control on maintenance fluconazole), a severe bout of Vestibular Disease about 3 years ago at which time it was suggested to euthanize him as they felt it was a central vestibular disease. A few months later with lots of rehab he was back to his normal self.
He was on Cosequin DS before switching to your product to try and help the healing process a little better. I think everyone is amazed at how well this 17 year old is doing.
Thank you.

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Larry J. Wardzala, MD, PhD & Snoopy

Hi Dr J,

I just wanted to thank you for having the info available on your site to aid my dog in his acl recovery. His leg is completely healed, and he is doing great. During the healing time, I kept my Bruiser on Cosequin instead of putting him on the Glycanaid  because he seemed to be doing good on it. About two months after his surgery he started favoring his other leg, in which we found out he has arthritis. He was doing bad. He was stiff and could barely walk. When I attempted to walk him, he would sit after ten steps. I couldn’t understand, he’d recovered so nicely from the acl surgery. I didn’t want to keep giving him the Deramaxx, I went back to your site and discovered the Glycanaid HA. After reading your recommendation and other customer reviews, I bought it. Bruiser has been on it for a week and a half and there is already so much improvement. In fact yesterday we completed our first 30 minute walk without stopping every ten steps, he walked the entire time without stopping from pain! I am confident he will get stronger and stronger each day through the use of this product. Thank you so much, your advice and tools to help are amazing!

Thank you!
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5 star glycanaid review
Denise & Bruiser

Granite, our 6 year old lab, had FHO surgery on November 10th..we are now about 3 months out, and she is doing fantastic! We finished her old joint supplement and a month ago put her on GlycanAid HA. She is doing about 2 miles of exercise per day, off/on leash..she is back to  chasing sticks, climbing hills and swimming in the Bear River when it is not too cold. We followed your rehab guide religiously and were very vigilant over what we allowed her to do…what an amazing recovery! Her leg muscle is almost all built back to pre-surgery level and she is again, our happy, robust companion..your website, I discovered by sheer accident, and I cannot express how wonderful it was! I fully give credit to the FHO guide, exercises, videos and weekly guides for exercises for Granite’s amazing return to mobility..she is on GlycanAid HA 2 times a day and is doing so well, we are nothing but thrilled! Thank you so much for having this site available.  We knew what to expect and this eased our worries and stress greatly! I would hug you if I could and Granite sends sloppy Labrador kisses to you as well for all the support to her humans! Wish you could see her! She is truly another success story for Top Dog!
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5 star joint supplement review
Beth & Granite

Dr. J,
I was a veterinary surgical tech for many years and I’m very knowledgable in animal health, large and small animals. I’m very, very skeptical with it comes to supplements claiming big improvements.

Glycanaid? All I know to say is WOW, WOW, and WOW! My 14 year old rat terrier had been stiff in his front legs and his hind legs were starting to collapse when he’d stand up on them. I know all too well the side effects of pred and I didn’t want him on it long term, and pain meds help, but they just mask.

I truly wish I had taken before video of my boy. We just finished the 14 day loading dose and honestly I was not expecting any real results for 6+ weeks. We live in the country on a farm in a leash free world… I can’t keep up with him! He is standing strong on his hind legs for treats. He even brought the cows in at feeding time yesterday.

He is attempting to jump up on the bed again and I believe he’s going to succeed soon!

I wish all veterinarians would carry this product. I have also given my boy the Flexerna oil. The results are nothing short of phenomenal! No side effects either!!

Thank you, thank you!! I know he’s in his golden years and we all wish they’d live longer, but now he can enjoy himself again…. and I have peace of mind knowing he is comfortable and NOT ON PRED!!

Thank you again!!!

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Karen Covington & Morgan