Our GS had TTA on his stifle on the winter solstice. He is almost a month out.  He was a rescue from a kill shelter and even though looks to be pure bred he is genetically messed up.   Will turn 4 in Feburary and from 9 months on has been in therapy.  Had prolo therapy on one hip.  Both knees need surgery so that’s why we elected to try the first one.

We will see how he does during the next 2 critical months.

I received more help from your site than I did from the surgeon and his associates.

Keep up your good work.

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Another satisfied patient Dr. J — Dreamer is 14 weeks post FHO surgery and doing absolutely fantastic! Her muscle is strong, her gait is consistent. I just can’t believe she doesn’t limp!! I never thought I’d be able to say that. She is still shifting her weight when standing still, but the amount of pressure she applies has increased. We’re still doing the water therapy in our hot tub a couple of times a week and she takes a 30 minute walk along with her 2 siblings almost every evening. She is one happy, active 10 lb sheltie! Through this wonderful social media I gained the confidence and knowledge necessary to get Dreamer on the right path to the road to recovery and I want to thank Dr. J and our wonderful TopDog family from the bottom of my heart. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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Nancy Emanuelson & Dreamer

My Newfoundland was diagnosed with SEVERE hip dysplasia and our vet determined that the best approach would be FHO surgery.  When we were able to bring her home, the vet failed to inform us on what to expect.  When her leg was dangling and she sat on it and urinated all over it, I freaked.  I came inside and cleaned her up and tried to call the vet.  He was not available so I resorted to the internet where I found TOP DOG HEALTH and a book on my dogs surgery.  I read what I could and downloaded the E-BOOK.  It was such a relief that what I was experiencing the first couple of hours with her was all NORMAL. When I was finally was able to talk with the vet he said it was a llittle overkill using the book but I thought it made more since than he did.  My husband works in WOUND CARE and said all the therapy can only help.  It has been 7 days and we have started the moist heat and she is walking on her injured leg with about 25% pressure most of the time and she is loving all the attention during therapy time.  Without the book I would not know what to do or how to do it properly. Thank you so much Top Dog Health!

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Misty is 8 weeks post FHO and is doing remarkable thanks to this rehabilitation plan, website and Facebook page. The weekly emails keep us on track and moving forward. She barely has a limp and she has been actually using the leg since the first week. The information you provide is complete and comprehensive. Her recovery has been smooth. Thanks so much for your invaluable work.

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Missy Prentice & Misty

Hi Dr. Stclair,

My name is Jody and almost 2 years ago, my dog Nutmeg (Nutty) had to have an FHO done. I work as a receptionist in a vet clinic and this was the surgery the vet recommended as I could not afford a total hip replacement at Ohio State University. Nutty weighs about 88 pounds, a husky mix. She is a pound puppy, got her at 6 weeks. However, she does have severe hip dysplasia and one hip became dislocated and would not stay in the socket….which wasn’t formed enough to hold the ball in there. To make a long story short, we had the surgery and the vet gave me no go home instructions except to keep her quiet. Duh!!!! That’s when I got online and found your rehab booklet. I printed it out and did therapy on her 3 times a day….as much of it as I could do. Needless to say, the moist heat, massages and exercises helped her tremendously.

When I told the vet about my discovery of your booklet online….he got kind of crappy with me and said we shouldn’t be looking online for medical advice. Ha!!!….when he did another FHO….guess what?…he asked me for your booklet that I downloaded. And then later again….he asked for it for another patient. So I’m going to see if he’ll order your Guides…he’s heard me tell people that I got the booklet from Top Dog and I’ve referred people to your website. Not sure how many actually go there, but I have told people about it.  My dog is doing wonderful, thanks to the vet but also, many thanks to you for the therapy I was able to help her through. She leads a normal life and you’d never be able to tell she’s even had surgery. She does great.

Many thanks!

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Jody Jernigan & Nutmeg

My 2 year old Border Collie (Aiyana) had to have FHO surgery (birth defect).  I was totally in the dark with what to expect and what I needed to do.  After hours of research, I was still lost.  I downloaded the FHO booklet from TopDog.  This booklet was amazing!  It told me step by step what to expect and what I should be doing to allow my dog a 100% recovery.  I printed out a copy for my vet as well and he loved it.  Vets are “experts” on surgeries but few are “experts” on after-care.  TopDog specializes in the after-care side and it shows in their booklets.  I have recommended them to everyone I know (I am a dog trainer so I know plenty of pet parents).   6 months post-op and Aiyana is better now than she ever was.  Thank you TopDog for the wonderful booklets.  Because of you, my dog will be able to do agility!

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Sonia Kutz & Aiyana


I would like to say just how much the TopDog rehab guides helped me and my dog through the CCL recovery process. They were truly beyond my expectations. While I was doing research on the internet for ways to help my dog recover from his CCL surgery I happened to luck out and find Dr.J’s information. I was thrilled to tears to discover the free downloads that he offered and I was not even his client! The rehab guides go above and beyond what I expected with not just written information but actual photo’s that instructed in detail how to apply and perform the various techniques. From the first scary days when your dog comes home they show you step by step how to use ice therapy, passive range of motion, using a sling or support to maneuver the dog. All very, very scary procedures to preform without the proper instructions to inexperienced, nervous dog parents. The guides don’t stop there they take you right to the end of recovery explaining and educating on all the different exercises and modalities of the rehab process with your dog.

Having had a dog go through two knee surgeries years ago when there was absolutely nothing available to help me help my poor dog, I wanted more!  Now years later I again found myself with a dog that ruptured his CCL and was sent home with little to no instructions on his recovery or rehabilitation needs. Thankfully, I was not satisfied with this lack of help and information and decided to research other possibilities. And so I found the TopDog rehabilitation guides via the internet, sadly not through my veterinarian or orthopedic surgeon.

My hope is these rehab guides be made available from veterinarians and surgeons to all who face these type surgeries and want the best possible outcome for their pups. Simply put they are invaluable. Take it from someone who knows all too well what it was like to face this surgery and recovery with no knowledge of what to expect. The TopDog rehabilitation guides are an absolute necessity.  Just pick one up and see for yourself how informative and professional yet easy to follow they are for all types of orthopedic recovery and rehabilitation. I would like to personally thank Dr.J and TopDog rehabilitation for sharing this wealth of information with the pet community and hope all veterinarians will follow in his footsteps.

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Glenda Russell and the “Crazeedogs”

Bailey, a five year old black lab recovering from ACL surgery, has found it a wonderful  help for her owner – she particularly liked the moist heat therapy and massage – and still does even though we have passed the point where it is necessary. Seriously the booklet has been a great help – I showed it to my vet and he thinks it is a really good  source of information.  We are on week 5 ( should be on week 6 but my mom had hip replacement surgery two weeks ago and my time was pretty crunched) and Bailey is doing really well.  Went for her one month check – up and our vet thought she was several weeks ahead of where she should be in terms of movement and weight on her leg. Information is well written, concise and the descriptions of each activity ( i.e. puppy sits) very easy to understand.  Have also appreciated the weekly emails which have given additional information and tips. Thanks!

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Debbi and Bailey

Hi Dr. J,

 My Bichon Frise, Zoey, hurt her leg while running through snow in our backyard March 4 2011. Assuming it was just a slight sprain I brought her to the vet. To my horror I was told it was a tear in her Cranial Cruciate Ligament and that it was going to require an expensive surgery with a lengthy recovery. I went home determined to find out what I could to help her through this. I found the Topdoghealth.com website. I easily found a booklet for the cruciate surgery. It was exactly what I was looking for. It takes me step by step, and week by week on what I should be doing and watching out for. It gives examples, hints, and leaves very few questions unanswered. It has become my “bible” for helping me get my dog through this.


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Wendy Sellers & Zoey