We found the TopDog Rehab guide for TPLO surgery on the same day that  our 5 year old Golden Retriever, Angus, had his first TPLO surgery. Thank goodness we did. Without the TopDog guide, we would have been at  a considerable disadvantage in terms of helping Angus to heal and  regain mobility and strength. Our orthopedic veterinarian provided about three typed pages of confusing notes. They explained the  immediate post-op care for the first three days and what to watch for  in terms of abnormal reaction to the surgery. They also contained  general instructions to show up for an x-ray in eight weeks and then
to start movement … and not much else.

The TopDog guide, on the other hand, provides step-by-step information for the first few days and then for every week during the process. It  also contains photos and you can view related videos on the TopDog website. I firmly believe both the dog and the owners are helped by  these guides.

Angus needed TPLO on his other leg four months after the first surgery (this was not a surprise. We knew at the start he would need both  done). When the second surgery was completed I needed to download and  print a new copy of the TPLO guide. Why? The first one was so well-worn and dog-eared that it was falling apart. That’s how much use it  got. And after 8-10 weeks, the second guide was in the same condition.

I recommend the TopDog TPLO rehab guide without hesitation. It helped  our beloved dog heal more quickly and become stronger faster. And it  helped my husband and me get through a very stressful experience with  more confidence and assurance than we would have with just the  information provided by our vet. The TopDog guide was free. I would  have gladly paid for it … twice.

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Maureen MacDonald & Angus

My 3 year old German Shepherd Dog “Baron” was scheduled to have TPLO Surgery on his back left leg on February 22, 2010.  Not knowing anything about Post Surgery, I looked on-line and came across the most incredible site, “Top Dog Animal Health & Rehabilitation”! It has been the most wonderful thing in helping with Baron’s recuperation.  Not only did the TPLO Post Surgery booklet down load and print in a snap, they check in with you weekly via e-mail to give you reminder tips, etc.  Having followed the instructions pretty close to their recommendations, you can really see a difference.  Baron is almost into week 5 and he’s doing amazing.  The physical therapy exercises helps him to actually use his energy, but at the same time help in the healing process.  The short video’s on how to approach each exercise are worth a few short minutes of your time to ensure each exercise is done properly. Once I found out they also are on Facebook, my life just got better.  You can talk to people who are going through what you are.  Everybody is there to support you, and offer advise on something that they also encountered and maybe had a solution.  It just works.

Thank you Dr.J and staff for all you’ve done and continue to do for my “Baby Bear”

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Sandy Risner & Baron

Our 2 year old American Bulldog, Meathead, had his TPLO on March 14, 2011.  Even though we are only two weeks into his recovery I wanted to write and say what a help TopDog has been to my husband and me.  Post-op day 3 we brought Meathead home and his leg was extensively bruised and swollen.  They kept him an extra day due to the amount of the swelling and oozing he was experiencing.  I’m a registered nurse and I have a background in joint surgeries, but I can’t imagine someone with no medical knowledge feeling confident caring for a pet following this type of surgery.

Before Meathead ever came home I’d done a ton a research on what to expect, but I wanted to find something that could be a reference for my husband on the nights that I’m at work.  I found that in TopDog.  Your week to week guide was exactly what we needed.  Week one:  Ice the leg!  There’s my husband was in the pen with Meathead, the ice pack and a towel.  Week two:  Moist heat, massage and passive range of motion.  Again…  There’s my husband in the pen with Meathead.

 Not only are your instruction technically correct, but I think that by spending the time with Meathead in the pen he gets bonding time with us.  Meathead isn’t accustomed to being confined all the time and sometimes I can tell he’s getting depressed and anxious.  The time we spend with him icing, massaging or moving the joints still allows for time to snuggle with Meathead.

Meathead has his first follow up appointment tomorrow!  Crossing my fingers that everything is on track.

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Sara E. Petr & Meathead

Dear Dr. J:

I would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful place for dog owners to visit during such a very stressful time before and after surgery.  Your informative home rehabilitation guides and demonstration videos have been absolutely wonderful!  It gave me a chance to understand what to expect after surgery and how to best prepare for my pet’s homecoming and ongoing continued well-being.  Your detailed step by step weekly instructions are very clear and easy to understand.  I would highly recommend this site to anyone who is considering TPLO surgery.  I believe that physical rehabilitation including joint supplements is very important to a successful recovery.

You should be congratulated for your true love for animals and all the support that you have given us by sharing this vital information.

Thanks again.

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Carin Bruckner

Levi had his 6 week x-rays (Post TPLO) & everything looks great! THIS IS THE BEST FEELING EVER! It has been worth every second of all this hard work. It was this support system that got me & Levi through this very traumatic experience. This has been my life-line. I truly thank every single person on this site who has posted comments to all my questions & for all posts about your experiences that have answered many of my questions. Also the harness, ice pack, Glycanaid HA & Flexerna that I have bought through TopDog have been incredible (I have used the harness up until yesterday & just put regular collar back on. We are the happiest family ever, 30 minute walks and leash for potty:) What an amazing thing you have done Dr. J…Here in Kansas City you are a celebrity & my family and I tell everyone about what an amazing vet you are. THANK YOU

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Levi’s Family

Thanks for the information. Here is what happened to Cody and his TPLO surgery, his  surgery was a complete success.  And, his recovery was a complete success too thanks to your booklet on TPLO surgery recovery.  I followed it faithfully and now

Cody is a “new dog”  Thanks again.

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Annette Donnelly & Cody

Dear Dr. J,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for all of the wonderful information and products you have made available for dog owners. I went to your website and ordered the supplements and harness for Holley. I appreciate your email on what to expect each week and how I can best encourage healing after surgery.

Was able to schedule her for a surgery consult at A&M next Wednesday, the 13th.

As a lot of animal lovers, I am a bit apprehensive about the TPLO surgery. I just want to make the right decision for her health, well being and recovery.

Thanks again for making the rehab information available. Holley will have a much easier time recovering now that her “human” has the tools to help.

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Terri Watts & Holley

I cannot tell you how helpful your TPLO rehab therapy has been.  So clear along with the email follow up and videos. A far cry from the one pager I received from the vet when I left the clinic 4 weeks ago after surgery. As of now she is not on any pain meds – just your supplements. We seem to be progressing nicely. I don’t see any evidence of pain, biting, careful placement. She has what I would expect is a little limp when trotting and when walking using the leg. Still favoring it when she stands. We are up to 20 min few trots with walk.  Figure 8s and puppy squats….all which are going well.  Again thanks for sharing so freely of your expertise.

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Barbara and FeeBee

“When Toni’s Surgeon, Dr. Leadbeater provided me your TPLO rehab guide book and advised us of your site it gave me so much more than paper.  A world of knowledge, compassion and support opened up and it made the road to recovery easier for me and Toni and for that we are forever grateful!!!

My husband would joke that the guide book became my bible.  I carried it every where I went and it stayed in the center of our home where I could constantly reference and check off the days tasks.  The guide book provided invaluable instruction and a way to stay structured on your dogs recovery.  I added a grid for each week so I could track rehab activities and curb the rehab to Toni’s recovery time.

I can’t Thank Dr. J and his team enough for such smart and clear assistance!!!”

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Victoria Curran & Toni