Hello!  I am a veterinary assistant in a veterinary hospital, but my purchase was actually for my sister.  Her 4 year old lab mix had a TPLO procedure done and I wanted her to have some guidelines for at home care to help with the healing of her knee as she is a very active dog.  I thank you for having such a product available to help people help their animals.  Thank you.

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Thanks for the Email Dr. J… so far im extremely happy with the Glycanaid HA. Bugsy has been taking the loading dose for 2 weeks now, not only does he love the taste but it really seems to be helping with his recovery. He’s 3 weeks post op and getting better every day!

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Carrine & Bugsy

Hi Dr. James,

I wanted to tell you that your recovery guide was extremely  beneficial to me and my husband as we rehabbed Bayle after her first surgery (tightrope)  and then her second (TPLO).  Her second knee went out about 6 months after the first. It’s unfortunate, but know that this happens a lot.

She is doing extremely well and her legs are very stable.  I would have preferred the vet did TPLOs on both legs, but we shall see as time wears on . From what I understand, the tightrope procedure usually was done on smaller dogs, but is now showing durability and strength in larger, active dogs.

I certainly will go back to using your joint product – appreciate the discount coupon.  Again, thanks for your help – the information you provided was right on  to get our Baylee back on track and am sure it will help others who encounter same situation.

Thanks again, take care,

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Chris Mara & Bayle

I am really happy with the GlycanAid HA.  I used it after right after my dog recovered from her cruciate ligament surgery thanks to a promotional coupon you sent me.  After we were done with the bottle I put her on her regular glucosamine supplement pills and my husband and I noticed right away that she was waking up stiff and was stiff after sitting down for a while.  We’ve got her back on the GlycanAid HA for a couple of weeks now and the difference is really noticeable.  Thanks for checking in.

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Dear Dr. J,

I just wanted to say that you are so admired for your dedication and caring.  Your informative messages are always appreciated and they are a great learning experience, especially in your presentation.

I am so glad that I found your site over a year ago while gathering insight on the different surgical procedures for a cruciate ligament tear and after reading your informative explanation of the differences in the procedures was greatly relieved by the choice made to have TTA done.  The best part was your detailed day to day recovery instructions, which I was truly so gratified to have, in the recovery of my Standard Poodle…Deedee, who was only 1 1/2 at the time.  And I referred my vet to your site as well as showing him your recovery instructions….he in turn has referred several of his patients…I also gave a copy to the surgeon!

Unfortunately after the first month she somehow threw one of the screws out and cracked a bone, which put us back a little, but the surgeon felt that since the cage was still in place her bone would hopefully heal around it and we would not need further surgery.  She did heal …no further surgery but she does have a “funny” gate…she throws that “knee” out while walking, but we have built that muscle up.  We go for good walks, but I have hesitated to let her run loose in the park and I’m sure that as she ages will see the effects of arthritis.

Which brings me to another wonderful compliment to you….the GlycanAid is a terrific supplement.  Our other girl…Willa who will be 5 in October is our rescued girl and she has bad hips.  Both of our girls are on the GlycanAid.  One quick question if you are able to respond, the girls are suffering from allergies and are very itchy, as we are trying to eliminate all kinds of possibilities, you haven’t had anyone that’s had an allergic reaction have you?

I could go on but I’m sure you get so many wonderful testimonials from everyone who discovers you, that you don’t possibly have time to read all of them.  Just also wanted to thank you so much for your personal note.

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Deborah & Deedee

Ollie’s doing great! We took it very easy and followed your rehab guide and also we give him the GlycanAid HA, three wafers a day (he’s 75 pounds) and I can tell you that we could tell a difference within that first week of double dosing!!!! This stuff is magic!!!!! Thank you so much for all you do, we really appreciate it, especially Ollie! He is six and a half and is a goldendoodle

All my Best!

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Crystal & Ollie

I downloaded your CCL rehabilitation information a while ago.  Our dog did have surgery 5 weeks ago.  I took the information to share with the vet doing surgery. He looked it over, said that he “doesn’t want anyone messing with his surgical repair and that dogs do their own physical therapy.”

So… I listened to his comments with a grain of salt, and when my dog came home (we boarded him with the vet for the first 4 weeks, as we knew the only way we could keep him quiet was to have him heavily sedated – not an option in my mind) I began following your protocol.  He is doing very well, getting stronger, and does not seem to have much pain. As a physical therapist, I know people don’t always follow our recommendations and often have poor outcomes, which they blame on the surgeon. I think you need to start the education process for vets in veterinary school.  It’s difficult to get people to change when they feel what they have been doing is working Any way, thanks so much for the information

Dr. J, thank you so much for all of the information and the wonderful products you have developed!  I was totally lost as to my dogs ACL surgery, I had never heard of it.  So, I got online and found your website!  I have also joined your facebook page and am so thankful for the family I found there!  I was very nervous about the surgery and what to do, but I feel so much better now with the added knowledge and the many friends who have gone through the same thing with their dogs.  Thank you!

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When I found out my dog needed ACL surgery I went searching the Internet and found the TopDog website. There was a wealth of material that provided me with the information and confidence to give my pet meaningful rehab treatments. I especially found the booklet with the 12-week program invaluable with just the right amount of detail. I also took full advantage of the video examples of rehab procedures I’d never done, products that helped me lift her, and supplements especially designed for joint healing. It was far beyond what I received from our vet and made me feel inspired and confident to give my dog the post-surgery care she needed. As it turns out, my vet was so pleased with my dog’s quick healing, and interested in this website in order to encourage people to really give their pets the time they need to heal from this kind of surgery. He plans to refer the website to other people whose dogs will be having this surgery. I imagine TopDog’s wealth of information and support has saved many a dog from re-injury due to inadequate or improper post-surgical care.

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Maddi Newman

Dr. James St. Clair at TopDog Animal Health & Rehabilitation,

I would just like to first off give you a HUGE Thank You from myself (michelle vickers) and my dog Spud (4-year-old Louisiana Catahoula Leopard). Thanks to your Home rehabilitation guide & step by step process we have had a huge improvement in only 1 weeks time. We started this process 2 weeks after Spuds FHO surgery due to lack of improvements and frustration. I cannot explain how happy I am that I found your guide out there on the internet (and for FREE).

I began looking for help 2 weeks after Spud’s surgery when we went to the vet to have his stitches removed and they told me they were surprised he was not doing better and more with his leg. They did give me a handout after surgery with a few of the same exercises that are in your week 1&2. They sent me home that day with the advice to work inclines with him and recommended hydrotherapy. I was pretty upset and frustrated that was all the advice I received. So when I got home I jumped on the internet in search of help.

This is when I found your guide, downloaded it, and began to use it. We began this on Tues, April 25th 2012. It has only been 6 days and we just (literally) came in from our therapy session 2 of the day (Monday, April 30th, 2012) and Spud walked the whole 5 minutes on his leg, was not tense during PROM, motion work, and totally relaxed during massage & passed out during ice time. I have followed your guide very closely and have done therapy at least 3x a day. (time-consuming Yes, Success YES) Especially with a 5-month-old baby girl, 3 other dogs, 4 horses, 2 goats, and multiple other little critters. I also use the log you made available and note after every therapy session as to what went on good or bad improvements or something different I may have tried and have found this to be very helpful!

I am going to pass your guide on to my vet to hand out to others after dogs receive this surgery. I am also going to hydrotherapy with Spud and will be taking the guide with me there to give to them in case any other pet parent is at a loss with the frustration of healing their best friend after surgery.

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to put together such an awesome guide and making it available for FREE to the public. Your expertise and knowledge have helped us out in a wonderful way.

 I am a trainer myself and it always feels good to hear back from clients about how you have made a change in their life, success stories, and that you’re helping people out with their animals. Also, this is so you know your guide is being used on the net!

Spud and the rest of my dogs are all working dogs whether obedience, agility, or therapy work. They are C.G.C. and T.D.I. and I can’t wait to get Spud back on his feet and working again! Feel free to use any of my emails so others know this really works when you put in the time.

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Michelle & Spud