Hi Dr. J, I love the SmartShip program. It’s easy to use and very convenient. I don’t have to remember to place another order when supplies get low because the SmartShip program automatically sends them. I signed up for the program after trying out the first bottle ordered. I saw significant improvement in my dogs and knew this was a product I would continue to use. And the 20% off was an added plus for me! Thanks so much for offering such great products!
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Lisa Sartin

Hi Dr J, Your smartship program is a no brainer. No need to remember when to order (a bonus in today’s busy lifestyle) and 20% discount for life – what could be more easier. My dog loves them – takes as a treat after breakfast and dinner. Thank you for all that you do for our dogs. Julia and Zidane.
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Julia Holmes

Meet Liezl, my 8 yr old Belgian Malinois who underwent TPLO surgery on February 3rd. My vet’s existing post-op protocol called for 12 weeks of short, controlled leash walks for bathroom breaks only. The surgeon, on the other hand, suggested I consult your rehab regimen over the same 12 weeks. I followed his advice and am happy to announce that x-rays at the 8 week mark showed the bone completely healed and my vet now convinced that your protocol is the more desirable approach to take in the future.

Your step-by-step guidance and phone support were invaluable in bringing her back to normal in a much shorter time span. I will continue to recommend your site at every opportunity.
Most sincerely,
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Bruce & Liezl

Dr. J,

Thanks for the follow up. My dog has been on GlycanAid HA for about a month and it really seems to be helping in her recovery. She still limps a little but I would to if I had the same surgery. She got scared last night during a thunderstorm and jumped around and seem to have strained hurt leg. I have started her on some anti inflammatory and walking her. She seems to be ok. I believe the GlycanAid HA has really helped. I have started my sons Westi on it as well. Thanks for your help.

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5 star glycanaid review
Bill Adams & Maddie

Hello Dr. J,
My 13 year old American Cocker Spaniel, Prince, has an injury to his ACL which happened on Feb 3, 2016. He is wearing a brace, and getting weekly lazer treatments. I started him on GlycanAid HA on March 31, 2016 and I have already seen an improvement in Prince’s mobility. I will continue to give Prince GlycanAid HA and hope he will be doing even better in the near future. Thank you for a great product.
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5 star glycanaid review
Mary Kay B. & Prince

Hello Dr St Clair!

Wally had his surgery 4/14/16 and no tear to the other hind knee – hooray! He will be 5 years old next week and he has been through a lot already in his life.

We followed your rehab guide extremely close after his surgery and thank goodness for all the help. The Orthopedic Vet did a great job with the surgery, but could do a better job educating patients on the after care and rehab. I did share your guide with the Vet practice in the hopes that they would recommend it for future patients. We did the rehab on our own and it was never suggested by the Vet post op.
Wally had a set back last August – 4 months after surgery – in which they felt he pulled something in the surgical leg. No exercise for him at that point. Then……I myself suffered a very bad foot injury and no walking for me. Neither of us were able to walk for months and months, and we both put on a few pounds. Not good for Wally’s joints.

Wally was diagnosed February of this year with arthritis, which significantly increased from 6 months ago. We are swimming him, both now back to daily walking, laser therapy, adequan injections and of course, doing the rehab exercises from your guide. The interesting thing is that until Wally was diagnosed with the arthritis and we addressed the symptoms of the arthritis, rehab exercises were never recommended by the Orthopedic Vet. Strange that they were not proactive. We still give Wally your Glycanaid supplement and will for the rest of his life, We also have dropped some of his weight!

So, thanks for all your information, support and care. You are an amazing person and I tell everyone about you every chance that I get!!!!!
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5 star glycanaid review
Sue Grlicky and Wally too!

So happy to be sharing Penny’s success story with you. It’s been about 8 months since Penny’s TPLO surgery (complete cruciate & meniscus tear). At 7 years old, I was worried she wouldn’t be able to go back to her active life of swimming, hiking, ball chasing. After the surgery, she was still limping after light activity, which her Vet attributed to the existing arthritis in her joint. I switched Penny’s joint supplement to Glycanaid HA about 2 months after her surgery, and around 1 month later I noticed that the limping went away. I took her on her first hike soon after that and she did great! Now the next big test- the beach. I was worried the uneven sand and jumping in and out of waves would be too much for her. At 6 months post-surgery and with Glycanaid, she conquered the waves! So thankful to have my adventure buddy back in action.
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5 star glycanaid review
Jessica & Penny 

This is Jake. He’s looking sheepish because he doesn’t like to have his picture taken. But he also just got done playing fetch with his brother Elwood, which is something he couldn’t do until recently. Jake had cruciate surgery in November, and our vet recommended that we follow the Top Dog Rehab Guide. It was beyond helpful. It was wonderful to have a plan to follow, and Dr. St. Clair was fabulous about answering our questions.

Jake was doing well, but we were not truly satisfied with his progress, so we switched him from the joint supplement that our vet had given us to GlycanAid HA about 6 weeks ago. WOW – what a difference!! He has more energy, wants longer walks, and plays with his brother like he did when they were puppies. The only thing we are still working on is a correct sit, but we both feel that the fault lies with us on that one. His sits have always been a bit to the side, and we just need to keep working on that with him.

Thank you, again, for the wonderful rehab guide and for answering our many questions along the way. Jake will be on GlycanAid HA for the rest of his life, which we are both confident will be a long and active one.

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5 star glycanaid review
Barb, Dave, Jake and Elwood

Hi, Dr. J!

Just wanted to let you know that Inky is still on the GlycanAid HA, and is doing great! She’s going on 12 now, and hasn’t yelped at all since starting on GlycanAid last year. At her last checkup in January of this year from her regular vet, he determined that both stifles are now gone, but advised against the surgery, since she’s doing extremely well on the GlycanAid HA. I really appreciate so much that you developed this product; it’s been a lifesaver for Inky, and was a lifesaver for a little rescue dog I kept while he recovered from FHO surgery.

I also have a friend who has a gigantic old German Shepherd, and I raised the roof with her when I saw how fat he was! He’s now lost over 10 pounds, and looks tons better, and is moving better. I had her put Ruckus on GlycanAid HA, and it’s made a dramatic difference in his comfort level; instead of limping around, he’s back to walking and trotting like a much younger dog now, and is able to go to the dog park for a daily romp again.

Can’t say enough about the product! GlycanAid HA just flat out WORKS!!! :-)

Here is an updated picture of Inky. I took this early this morning, when I had my dogs outside. She’s almost 12 years old now; hard to believe I’ve had her for so many years now. She loves her GlycanAid HA; has it every morning at breakfast, and thinks it’s a treat.

I called my friend, and she was nice enough to send a picture of Ruckus. I’m happy that she’s gotten some weight off him, and so is his vet! No more junk treats anymore either; he’s on green beans for treats now. And he thinks his GlycanAid is also a treat! He’s a huge dog, is 6 years old now, and it’s really nice to see him moving around so much better.

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dog joint supplement review
Jo Pfeffer & Inky