Hi Dr. James,

Our golden is  five months out from surgery and I am very grateful to have had the benefit of your wisdom and guidance.  Connor started a weekly rehab program in December using the underwater treadmill and other strengthening exercises.  We of course are continuing conditioning him at home on a daily basis as well.  He is now off-leash with me while I snowshoe for 15-30 minutes and doing fabulous.  Without your detailed weekly guidance during the initial recovery process and the continued support for strengthening I would not have felt as confident as I now do now to let him off-leash at this point.  Thank you very much for this valuable information and support!   I just finished giving a review of your  TTA book.  I have attached for your information.

“My golden retriever is close to his five month recovery for TTA surgery.  Although the surgery was a success in MN, I found the surgeon’s 2 page recommended recovery process lacking in detail.  It is very important to exactly know how to do each exercise and a 2 page summary just wasn’t enough for me.  I researched the web for more detail and discovered Dr. St. Clair’s very detailed TTA recovery information. I was so relieved to see videos of how to do each week’s exercise as well as the much needed support to continue through the entire process to enable our golden to recover completely.  Oddly enough, our surgeon just said, “use common sense” and we were then left on our own at twelve weeks.  This just didn’t feel right to me.  I  e-mailed Dr. St. Clair about my concerns at week twelve of letting my dog off-leash. Dr. St. Clair immediately responded by telling me that it was not ok until both legs measured the same in muscle mass.  Since our winters are very harsh I was concerned that my golden would lose whatever strength he had gained going forward due to a decreased exercise schedule during our icy/cold conditions.  I also found a rehab facility through Dr. St. Clair’s website in Oakdale MN which specializes in PT for dogs recovering from TTA surgery.  Our golden has been using an underwater treadmill and all sorts of strengthening equipment weekly and will continue for twelve weeks.  The muscle mass has improved and is near equal to the non-surgical leg.  We are now off leash in the snow for 15-30 minutes while I snowshoe!  I would not have known about the importance of continued rehab or the many exercises recommended if it had not been for Dr. St. Clair’s website and TTA guide.  I truly believe that without Dr. St. Clair’s caring help and detailed guidance for TTA recovery, our golden would not be as strong as he is now.  I cannot emphasize how important it is to follow Dr. St. Clair’s instructions completely to ensure that your beloved pet recovers to their full potential.  By the way, this is the first time I have written such a glowing recommendation for any product.  This is the real deal and you will not find another detailed TTA recovery explanation better than this.  “

 Thank you Dr. James!

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Jeanne Fink and Connor

Thank you so very much for your video on TPLO SURGERY (that’s how I found you) & your online booklet & weekly guidance as well as your products, love & support.  I am so very grateful for finding you. I found you the day before my 5 yr old Siberian Husky’s TPLO surgery & all info have been a godsend to me & my little girl.  She is right on schedule in her recovery & I JUST ordered (today) your joint supplement to help in her life journey. Thank you again so very much!
((( BIG HUGS )))

PS.. Thank you for your love & compation for animals… It’s a great thing.
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Penny Sharpe

I have been wanting to write and thank you so much for your 12 week rehab program as I had written you earlier re: Lacey have two torn ACL’s and not having surgery on either due to what people were telling us, her age was 8. We did not have the surgery but I followed your 12 week Rehab program to the letter doing every step of yours, plus ordering the Glycanaid and the Flexerna too, both helped immediately. I have also had a vet come and do some cold laser on her legs along with spinal manipulation.

This summer I have had her in the water, she does not like it, but I bath her and have her swim as well.

The swimming has really strengthened her legs as well. Yes last New Years eve she had already torn her right ACL and that day she tore her left. She could not walk we had to take her to the vet carrying her with towels and they put her on a stretcher.

I had to start my/your Rehab out by helping her stand with towels. It has all worked and she runs and plays just like a normal dog, barking and having the time of her life.

We go swimming at the bay and walk down the pier together no one would believe that 8 months ago she could not move and I attribute it to your incredible 12 week program. Feel free to use this anyway you need or want as far as for your worth, advertising or whatever.

Thank you so much,

Oh by the way we used the shorted leash in the rehab and we always used to use an extension, due to your rehab i still only use the short leash and Lacey does not mind at all.

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Patricia & Lacey

Dear Dr. St. Clair,

The vet who did the ACL surgery on my dog, Zorro (a very active 11-year old Siberian husky), recommended your website as part of his rehabilitation instructions. It was amazingly helpful and here’s why:

1) Written instructions regarding exercises are fine, but actually seeing them — as in your helpful videos — is extremely helpful. They were very clear and I was confident in implementing them with my dog.

2) You anticipated all the questions I had, right down to things that might seem self-evident. For example, when you suggest warm pack therapy, you actually say “Here’s what you can use…” I appreciate that you offered alternatives — a gel pack, a towel/facecloth rinsed in warm water, or, for a cold pack a gel pack or a bag of frozen vegetables! These are the kinds of instructions that people who have not been involved in rehab therapy before need to know. It sounds obvious, but it isn’t always. I always felt very comfortable following your instructions.

3) I liked the weekly prompts and expectations. They told me what I should be looking for so that I was able to measure my dog’s progress. I also really liked your frequent cautions and reminders that this is a slow process. It helped me to keep in mind that this was an ongoing process rather than an immediate cure.

4) The exercises were all useful for Zorro and also well within my capacity to do with her. I knew exactly what I should be doing, for how long, and what to look for.

5) Registering for your program was very easy and your website is very accessible and “user-friendly.”

This is the best informational website I have ever seen, and I’m not kidding. I have looked at websites for different purposes, not just medical/rehab, and I was impressed from the beginning with the thoroughness, the clarity, and the usefulness of the information supplied.

Zorro had ACL surgery 2 years ago on one leg and I did not follow up immediately with rehab. When we started a rehab program, it did produce startling results in terms of her return to normal. But our delay in opting for surgery in the first place and then in taking proper rehab action led, unsurprisingly, to her tearing the other cruciate about a year and a half later. The second time, we had her at the vet’s immediately after the injury, had the surgery promptly, and then started rehab right away. In addition to that, we also had your website supplementing our own fantastic rehab vet/team and through it had answers to any question that came up.

I am confident that if I’d had this kind of support the first time around, Zorro might have avoided a second operation.

We had the first ACL surgery done at Cornell University’s Animal Hospital (we live in Canada, but Cornell is the best veterinary care closes to us), and we were very happy with the treatment there. But we didn’t follow up with the rehab. We had the second surgery done in Ottawa (ON, where we live) and embarked immediately on rehab, supplemented by your program because the surgeon in Ottawa directed us to your website. I urge you to suggest to Cornell that they consider adding a referral to your website as part of their post-operative instructions. It would help anyone who is in this situation.

I had no problems or issues with any of the information you provided, any of the instructions, or any of the presentation. It was all extremely well done. As I said above, this is the best informational website I have ever seen for ANYTHING. Apart from helping people recover their dogs from the ACL surgery, your team could be helping other people design effective websites.

Thank you very much for all the information and for the assistance you have given me in helping my dog Zorro to recover from her ACL surgery. We will continue to do various exercises as part of her maintenance. And Zorro, at 12 weeks, is now pretty much back to normal. I am still careful with her and will continue to be, but she thinks she can do anything.

With much appreciation,

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Jill St. Germain & Zorro
Hello Dr. J,
Snoopy, our 17ish year old rescue beagle is recovering well from his torn ACL a little over 8 weeks ago. He started GlycanAid HA several weeks ago and appears to be more confident with standing on his injured leg. He swims about 20 minutes a day with some in the water weight bearing. Now this is a dog who is currently also on IV chemo for soft tissue sarcoma diagnosed over 3 years ago, but recurred aggressively a year ago. He’s responding and tolerating doxorubicin amazingly well. Given the prior owner’s wanted to euthanize him 6 years ago due to a diagnosis of Valley Fever (the vet kept him and treated him, we adopted him 6 months later and that remains under control on maintenance fluconazole), a severe bout of Vestibular Disease about 3 years ago at which time it was suggested to euthanize him as they felt it was a central vestibular disease. A few months later with lots of rehab he was back to his normal self.
He was on Cosequin DS before switching to your product to try and help the healing process a little better. I think everyone is amazed at how well this 17 year old is doing.
Thank you.

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Larry J. Wardzala, MD, PhD & Snoopy

Without your detailed instructions, I doubt that I would have a dog in such good shape.  The best part for a panic button like me was the ”normal vs not normal’, as well as what to expect on a weekly basis.  If I’d had these sorts of instructions for myself after an accident where I required extensive orthopedic surgery, I would have not only been able to manage my recuperation far better, I wouldn’t have taken up valuable surgical and medical staff time with so many questions (and here, with medicare, answering my questions could mean backing up on people that had a higher priority).

Thank you again; your directions and information were brilliant.


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Karin Duncan

Oh wow thank you again Dr J and I completely understand, and again I think your information and booklets as well as your web-site is absolutely fantastic, and I am going to do my very best to help NZ to catch up with Canine Rehabilitation and it’s benefits, this is something I am so passionate about and you have been a real mentor to me, I have watched all your videos online, read and downloaded all your booklets I read everything on your site, it’s just AWESOME!!!

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Dear Dr. James,

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” doesn’t come close to the rehab videos you made.  Thank you so much for making them.  Actually seeing you demonstrate the motions needed to help rehab my Airedale is a tremendous tool and I can’t thank you enough for this help.

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Elaine Lopez

Hi Dr J,

I just wanted to thank you for having the info available on your site to aid my dog in his acl recovery. His leg is completely healed, and he is doing great. During the healing time, I kept my Bruiser on Cosequin instead of putting him on the Glycanaid  because he seemed to be doing good on it. About two months after his surgery he started favoring his other leg, in which we found out he has arthritis. He was doing bad. He was stiff and could barely walk. When I attempted to walk him, he would sit after ten steps. I couldn’t understand, he’d recovered so nicely from the acl surgery. I didn’t want to keep giving him the Deramaxx, I went back to your site and discovered the Glycanaid HA. After reading your recommendation and other customer reviews, I bought it. Bruiser has been on it for a week and a half and there is already so much improvement. In fact yesterday we completed our first 30 minute walk without stopping every ten steps, he walked the entire time without stopping from pain! I am confident he will get stronger and stronger each day through the use of this product. Thank you so much, your advice and tools to help are amazing!

Thank you!
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5 star glycanaid review
Denise & Bruiser