Very happy with the products (Flexerna and GlycanAid HA). Sadie has a torn cruciate ligament. We have opted to wait on surgery for reasons other than money. She seems to limp less and even runs at times even though we would rather she not right now. Will be reordering as we have tried many other things including Winston’s joint system and this is the only thing that appears to be helping her mobility and pain so will continue to order. Also appreciated the quick delivery after placing order.
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5 star glycanaid review
Margaret & Sadie


Joint Supplements That Work. Guaranteed. Trusted Veterinary Resources for Dog Parents About Rehab Guides TopDog’s Home Rehabilitation Guides for pet owners have helped tens of thousands of dogs recover safely and successfully after surgery. These simple-to-follow guidelines offer informative step-by-step instructions for your dog’s successful recovery. Authored by veterinarian Dr. James St. Clair,  these internationally…

Bella, a lab/border collie mix had Cruciate ligament surgery on July 4th and is now almost fully recovered . Our Vet recommended your rehab program which we followed for the duration of her recovery and rehab. We can’t thank you enough for the amazing service that you provided, not only the rehab instructions but the weekly letters. These letters helped us greatly through this very trying period. It was very comforting to know each week that Bella was where she should be in her recovery and the small setbacks were to be expected. I could not imagine how we would have made it through this experience without your wonderful service.

thanks again.
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Bruce & Bella

Thank you for your persistent contact and information.  Daisy my cairn terrier, is recovering very nicely from her cruciate surgery about 4 months ago.  Although she is much more active and is now jumping up on the couch she is slow to get up from rest.  When she’s been sleeping she has a pronounced limp when she starts moving.

We have been using GlycanAid HA since her tear and I feel it helps.  She LOVES it.  Daisy takes her GlycanAid HA right before bed.  As soon as she sees the bottle she bounces into her crate and sits at attention. It is a great treat.

I have added Flexerna to her morning meal for additional support.  My biggest fear is having the other cruciate tear.  Daisy weighs 16 lbs and I give her 1 tablet every evening.  Thanks for your support.
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5 star glycanaid review
Valerie Burger & Daisy

Little over 3 years ago my then, 2 1/2 year old Boxer, Belle, ran a Luring Course and started favoring her back left leg that very evening. When I got to my vet two days later, he said she either strained or partially tore her ACL, but the shelf action wasn’t severe enough for a positive diagnosis. We decided to give it a week or so with pain and anti-inflammatory meds before I made a decision to take action, which would be surgery.   I searched the web and found Dr. James St. Clair and TopDog Health and Rehab.  I read everything I could get my eyes on so I would know what I was dealing with and made a conscious decision to go with Dr. James St. Clair’s ACL Rehab Program and GlycanAid HA exclusively.  I felt that if the ACL wasn’t completely torn, I had a chance to treat it back to health with Rehab and a good joint formula.   I also knew a little about the HA factor, as I, personally, had been taking a series of knee shots (Euflexxa)  that contained HA and they were keeping me moving without pain or surgery.  It was such a positive to see that the canine world had the same idea of keeping healthy knees, etc.

I started out on the double dosage of GlycanAid HA and have continued on the maintenance dosage ever since.   Knowing what the HA factor has done for my knees, I am very thankful that I found it for my dog. My vet warned me that once Belle had injured one leg, she could have the same injury to the other leg because she would be using it so heavily while recovering from the first injury.   I was quite determined that that was not going to happen.   I attribute no further injuries to following Dr. James St. Clair’s ACL Rehab Program to the letter and continuous use of GlycanAid HA to keep her joints and connective tissues healthy.  She recovered without surgery or further injuries.

You just need to read the label to see the comprehensive listing of ingredients!! These are the same ingredients used on the ‘holder’ of-the-leash to keep our joints healthy!  Belle is back to agility training and competing, her Therapy Dog work…and just enjoying life, as only a Boxer can.

So whether your canine is coming off an injury, rehabbing from a strain or torn ligament, recovering from joint/ligament surgery or has arthritis, I would highly recommend putting the dog on GlycanAid HA immediately and checking out all the great rehab outlines from TopDog Health and Rehab.  If  HA is good enough for me, it is good enough from my dog.   In Belle’s case, it meant no surgery and a back-to-health and activity for her.  GlycanAid HA is with us for life.
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5 star glycanaid review
Karen Green & Belle

First I want to say TopDog Company and Dr. J are the best thing since sliced bread.  My 7 year old black lab, Sammy, had an ACL tear two years ago and had to have surgery, which was a long recovery, but thanks to Dr. J and TopDog, the step-by-step rehab program was amazing and helped Sammy get back to herself.    I also purchased a  harness to help her get in and out of car, get up steps, etc. which was also amazing and reasonable.   The vet hospital that did the surgery, never suggested any kind of harness to help me get her into my SUV after surgery or the intensive rehab, that she needed.

A year later, she hurt her opposite knee (the vet said it was a tear) but didn’t seem as bad as first one.  So I didn’t want to repeat surgery because of the long recovery and she was in pain for a long time, so I decided to try GlycanAid HA and rest her leg.  After 3 to 4 weeks, she wasn’t limping as much and actually running around the backyard.  We go for long walks now and she can jump up on the bed like her old self.   I have refilled this 4 times and will continue to use.  It is amazing, I wish they made it for adults….I need it for my hips and knees.

Thanks Dr. J (I wished you lived closer….I could use you as a vet here!)
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5 star glycanaid review
Roxanna & Sammy

My 2 year old shelter dog, Taffy, a pit-boxer-lab mix, injured her rear leg by rough housing with a doggie playmate.  I took her to the vet (not a vet I would go to again) and she had x-rays.  Her diagnosis was a cruciate ligament injury and I was told it would cost $3,800.00 to repair it and it would take a long time to recover after the  surgery.  I decided not to put her through the surgery and try to help her repair her injury.  Well, trying to keep her quiet was pretty impossible.  I looked online and found some information regarding supplements that could help repair her injury.  I have another 13 year old dog that had that surgery over 8 years ago and it cost $1,700.00 then but his ligament was actually completely torn apart, not just injured.  His name is Niko.  He is getting old and arthritic and was having trouble getting up the two stairs into the house.

So, first I tried a different supplement and it helped some but not enough.  So, I found Glycanaid HA online and decided it could help both my dogs.  I ordered the Glycanaid HA and am so happy with the results for both my dogs.  Niko now has no problem getting up the stairs and Taffy is walking and running without any limp at all.  She is completely healed and it is hard to believe she is the same dog that the vet said needed the expensive surgery.  Being young helped her too but I owe her recovery to Glycanaid HA.  I recommend it to anyone with dogs suffering with pain while moving.  Keep up the good work helping our pets.

Thank you!
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5 star glycanaid review
Kerry, Taffy & Niko

My 5 year old golden retriever had CCL surgery on April 21.  I followed the TopDog Health recovery program, along with using the GlycanAid HA and she and I are already doing two 1.5 mile walks in a day.

This product along with the rehab guide has worked wonders for my dog. If it wasn’t for her shaved leg, you would never know she even had surgery. She walks without almost any trace of a limp. I’m so glad I found this wonderful rehab program, and the amazing supplement.

Thank you Dr J.!!!!!!!
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5 star glycanaid review
Nancy Polocko & Abby

Hi Dr. James,

I completed your 12 week survey but wanted to share my Grandog Quinn’s story with you.

My 5 1/2 year old  English yellow lab, Grandog, Quinn had both cruciates torn when he had his first surgery in January.  The more recent tear was repaired because he had more strength in the other leg for post op recovery.    I was limited with rehab with the first surgery because he would become lame in the still torn cruciate in the other leg. The second repair was done 7 weeks ago.  He is recovering beautifully and I am now able to fully use your rehab program following the second surgery.  Quinn is also doing water treadmill therapy.

I tried conservative treatment for almost a year when Quinn was diagnosed with a strain.  It was no fun with his size and energy level!    I made an appointment for acupuncture with another Vet, Dr. Jerry Scheck In Hopewell Junction, N.Y.  after Quinn pulled the leash out of my hand and chased a rabbit, remaining lame without recovering like he did in the past.   He confirmed that the ACL was torn and Quinn needed surgery.   The second tear occurred just before his scheduled surgery.  The main reason I pursued conservative treatment was that I was uncomfortable with the invasive procedures of the TPLO and TTA.  I had pursued the fish line repair but Quinn was too big for that procedure.    Dr. Scheck  told me of the Fibular Head Transposition repair done in his office by  Dr. DeAngelis.  Dr. DeAngelis is known for his surgery called the “DeAngelis Technique”.  He is semi retired and travels to local offices doing the Fibular Head Transposition repair.  And this is only 1 hour from where I live!

Up until then, only the TPLO had been recommended to me by every Vet I went to.  I scheduled the surgery with Dr. DeAngelis and you know the rest of the story.

I certainly hope I made the right surgical decision but so far all is going great.  Life has a way of working out!

It has been a long New York winter with two surgeries.  Spring is here and Quinn and I will soon be hiking our together again!

I enclosed some pictures of Quinn.   His baby photo won a photography contest!  He is beautiful and as you can tell, we love him dearly.

Thank you for all your guidance.  You perform a wonderful service!
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5 star glycanaid review
Patricia Peters & Quinn