Week 2 Rehab Instructions: Walk Properly

In Week 2, we cover the importance of moist heat and how beneficial it is in your dog’s healing process. We also discuss proper leash walking and measuring your dog’s muscle. You will also learn more about the power of GlycanAid® HA Advanced Formula and why you should strongly consider using this joint supplement.

Weekly Rehab Instructions:

Moist Heat Improves Healing Time

We all have enjoyed the soothing and healing benefits of moist heat. Now it’s time to pass the power and benefits on to your dog.

Because heat increases local blood flow and overall local tissue metabolism, you will be helping your dog to stimulate the healing phase. In addition, it is soothing and therefore will help in reducing some discomfort they are still experiencing.

WARNING: Make sure that you test the heat on your own arm first.

Proper Leash Walking is Your #1 Exercise to Focus On

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing for you to get a good handle on. It is also the one thing that most people do not perform properly or take seriously enough.

No retractable leashes allowed… Period! Why? The reasons are:

  1. You really do not have the control you need during these first 6-8 weeks.
  2. It is tempting to flip that switch and let them go out a little farther on their own.

They are not ready for this. You have made a HUGE investment in your dog’s health. Protect that investment. Go out and get a regular leash. If you already have one, I apologize for harping on this, I have just seen a lot of problems with retractable leashes. Ideally, you want to have your dog at arms-length away on the leash. This way you have better control to adjust the speed of your walk.

The SLOWER you WALK the better. This gives your dog as much time as possible to put its full weight on that surgically-repaired leg. Also, make sure that while walking you are paying attention to the surgically-repaired leg and how much weight your dog is putting on it.

Once they have mastered the SNAIL WALK, then you can increase to the TURTLE WALK. Just a little joke, but you know what I mean.

Progress Tracking Requires a Baseline First

This is really important and it is a great way of evaluating your dog’s progress through the upcoming weeks. All you need is a tape measure. You need to wrap it around your dog’s thigh, halfway down the femur. You always want to measure both hind legs so that you can compare the two. If you don’t have a tape measure, at least make sure you feel the muscle on both hind legs. This way, you will get a general feeling for how much muscle they have lost.

In addition to tracking muscle mass, you might find it helpful to take videos of your dog walking. These can be used to track how much weight your dog is putting on their surgically-repaired leg.

The Joint Health Supplement That Works

Developed here at TopDog Rehabilitation specifically for our post-surgical patients, GlycanAid® HA is everything your dog’s joints need at this critical time. All of our joint health products are manufactured in our FDA approved facilities here in the United States.

To achieve the maximum benefit within the first four weeks, make sure you are using the recommended loading dose for your dog. This is critical!

GlycanAid® HA, unlike any other product on the market, has the three complete building blocks to rebuild any damaged cartilage. These building blocks consist of Glucosamine, Chondroitin & Hyaluronic Acid. It also includes the two very powerful, natural anti-inflammatories of Cetyl Myristoleate and MSM.