Dog joints got you down? Dr. James St.Clair, a veterinary surgeon for over 18 years, has your back (and your pup's!). From running a bustling practice to pioneering TopDog Health & Rehabilitation, he’s dedicated to providing dog joint supplements that work - guaranteed. Now, he's here to empower you with dogs' joint health and home rehab guides to give your dogs the happy, active life they deserve. Let's get those wags back in sync!

keep your senior dog cool feature image

How to Keep Your Senior Dog Cool in the Summer Heat + Pupsicle Recipe

Summer is here, the mercury is rising, and your old dog is definitely feeling it. When it’s hot outside, it’s especially important to protect senior pets from soaring temperatures. Older dogs have special needs, and as they age, they become more susceptible to heatstroke and heat exhaustion. Here are our 5 favorite ways to help…

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5 Summer Activities That Help Combat Your Dog’s Joint Pain

Think your arthritic dog can’t enjoy some summer fun in the sun? Think again! Several summer activities can help your dog’s joint pain. When it comes to exercising an arthritic dog, the keyword to keep in mind is balance. Too much movement can cause them pain, while lack of activity can worsen their condition, causing joints…

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Go Green with the Green Lipped Mussel: The Ultimate All-Natural Joint Supplement for Your Dog

If you’re not yet familiar with the green-lipped mussel, its very name may conjure up all sorts of questions: “Mussels have lips?” “Why are they green…?” But we’re confident that the more you get to know these small but mighty mollusks, the more you’ll come to love them. If you’ve got a dog suffering from…