Dog joints got you down? Dr. James St.Clair, a veterinary surgeon for over 18 years, has your back (and your pup's!). From running a bustling practice to pioneering TopDog Health & Rehabilitation, he’s dedicated to providing dog joint supplements that work - guaranteed. Now, he's here to empower you with dogs' joint health and home rehab guides to give your dogs the happy, active life they deserve. Let's get those wags back in sync!

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Best People Food (Yes, People Food!) for Arthritic Dogs + 5 Natural Recipes

Who hasn’t heard the famous Hippocrates quote, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”? Although we usually think of this as applying to us humans, it’s just as relevant for man’s best friend. And it especially holds true if your canine companion is suffering from arthritis. Here at TopDog Health, we believe…

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8 Ways Cold Weather Can Affect Your Dog: What to Watch For and How to Help

Increased Joint Stiffness and Discomfort Greater Danger of Slipping/Falling and Exposure to Toxins Difficulty Regulating Body Temperature in Sick or Elderly Dogs Increased Risk of Disorientation Altered Metabolism Susceptibility to Frostbite Potential Skin Irritation Risk of Being Left in Cold Cars While it’s tempting to think your dog’s fur coat will provide everything they need…