Dr. St. Clair

Your program was an amazing tool to use to strengthen our young dog’s leg after a partial tear.  I did not follow the program exactly, but adapted it for her needs.  This was the only place I was able to find a physical therapy program I could apply to our situation.  Our rescued puppy was only about 9 month old when she suddenly went completely lame with a stifle injury.  She is a small (25lb) cattle dog/border collie/mystery dog mix.

Due to her age and size, I wanted to avoid surgery–the chances of a rebuilt knee lasting her expected life span seemed very low to me.  I consulted with the veterinarian who spayed her through the dog rescue group where we adopted her.  He advised restricting her activity for a week to determine if it was only a partial tear and then trying to find a program to train and strengthen her leg.

Your program was fantastic!  I used the activities in it like squats and walking her across the side of hills for 12 weeks before we let her off leash again.  She is now back to her active self and is back to running around the yard like a crazy border collie.

Thank you so much for making this program available over the internet!  We not only avoided the expense of surgery and the pain for our dog, but I think she will have a much healthier and happier life having avoided surgery through your exercise program.


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Ellen La Place

Without your detailed instructions, I doubt that I would have a dog in such good shape.  The best part for a panic button like me was the ”normal vs not normal’, as well as what to expect on a weekly basis.  If I’d had these sorts of instructions for myself after an accident where I required extensive orthopedic surgery, I would have not only been able to manage my recuperation far better, I wouldn’t have taken up valuable surgical and medical staff time with so many questions (and here, with medicare, answering my questions could mean backing up on people that had a higher priority).

Thank you again; your directions and information were brilliant.


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Karin Duncan

Oh wow thank you again Dr J and I completely understand, and again I think your information and booklets as well as your web-site is absolutely fantastic, and I am going to do my very best to help NZ to catch up with Canine Rehabilitation and it’s benefits, this is something I am so passionate about and you have been a real mentor to me, I have watched all your videos online, read and downloaded all your booklets I read everything on your site, it’s just AWESOME!!!

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Dear Dr. James,

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” doesn’t come close to the rehab videos you made.  Thank you so much for making them.  Actually seeing you demonstrate the motions needed to help rehab my Airedale is a tremendous tool and I can’t thank you enough for this help.

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Elaine Lopez

Just wanted to thank you so much for all the information and rehab booklet.  My Beagle had his surgery in July.  You gave me so much more information than my Veterinarian, and your booklet and videos and guides helped me with my Beagle’s recovery. I appreciated the weekly guide and help with his physical therapy that we performed.  It was nice to know exactly what to expect in each stage of his recovery. He’s doing wonderfully, by the way.
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Jackie Mays

Dear Dr. St.Clair,

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service.  We first ordered a SupportRx: Total Body Harness (XL) from you in preparation for our English bulldog (Rooney)’s double TPLO surgery scheduled for December 18th, 2013.

We received our order on Monday, December 2nd and were very impressed by the quality of the harness, and were eager to try it on for size – but when we tried the harness on Rooney to see if it fit, we saw that the harness was too long for his short body (the front part went all the way to the back – and partially covered his tinkler, so the back part couldn’t be attached at all).

We sent an email to your customer service department in order to see if/how we could go about exchanging the harness for a smaller size, and were promptly answered by possibly the nicest lady I’ve crossed paths with in a long time, named Martha.

She was amazing!  She recommended that I get another model (not available on the website), but she was not sure if I would be able to get it in time for Rooney’s surgery.

I asked her to send me this new model, knowing that it was better late than never (I knew that I needed it for the next 2 months or so anyway), and she kindly did so :)

I also inquired on how I should go about sending back the initial harness, and was pleasantly surprised to hear that I could simply donate the harness to my local vet or animal shelter (which we gladly did – we got our second dog, a 4-6 year old German Shepherd named Mika) from a no-kill shelter, and we donated the harness to them).

We got the new harness in time for his surgery, and he seems to be recovering well, the TPLOs are healing nicely – although he did manage to rip a muscle in his leg afterwards (hopefully the harness will help us avoid a second surgery).

You and your team truly are animal lovers and have made our lives so much easier…and Rooney is especially thankful for your help!

Thank you for everything – you guys are the best!!!
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Shelley, Marc, Mika and especially Rooney

Levi had his 6 week x-rays (Post TPLO) & everything looks great! THIS IS THE BEST FEELING EVER! It has been worth every second of all this hard work. It was this support system that got me & Levi through this very traumatic experience. This has been my life-line. I truly thank every single person on this site who has posted comments to all my questions & for all posts about your experiences that have answered many of my questions. Also the harness, ice pack, Glycanaid HA & Flexerna that I have bought through TopDog have been incredible (I have used the harness up until yesterday & just put regular collar back on. We are the happiest family ever, 30 minute walks and leash for potty:) What an amazing thing you have done Dr. J…Here in Kansas City you are a celebrity & my family and I tell everyone about what an amazing vet you are. THANK YOU

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Levi’s Family

Hi Dr J,

I want to thank you so much for the work that you do.  My service dog “Gracie” had TPLO surgery on September 25th.  I was so worried for her and for my abilities to care for her in the same dedicated way that she has cared for me over the years. I did not pick a surgeon that believes in supplements or home physical therapy,  I am not sure what I was thinking.  I have cooked her food and taken her to a vet who uses an integrative approach for years.  We did acupuncture, herbs and tried to work this issue naturally but it was not possible.  The irony of me finding myself with this kind of surgeon makes me laugh today many days after surgery.

My first experience with you and your organization was the recovery checklist which was helpful in just checking items off and getting prepared without being overwhelmed.  I felt grounded in knowing this was a long journey that we are on.

I love the rehabilitation guide.  It is clear and concise and I feel like I know exactly what I should be doing each day. I also appreciated the journal area as I have kept very detailed notes.  She has a tear in the other leg as well so we are likely to be doing this again.  I pray for a better surgery experience next time.  I wish we could fly out to you.

The videos are fabulous.  I feel very competent doing each new exercise with her.  I have watched the videos several times as I have built my confidence.  I still have not found those dog treats you keep talking about.

The emails are amazing.  I feel so supported by you and I do not even know you.  They come at the exact right moments when encouragement and support are most needed.  Friends and family are trying to support this but they really don’t get whats happening under it all.  They don’t understand that it’s really not ok to to have infractions at all nor that she is looking and wanting to do more than she can or should. Funny, I see my surgeon after week 8, I could call if I needed her but so far no calls, emails from her – just the final bill. LOL

Then when I thought I was completely supported, encouraged and en-powered by you – you did something else.  You sent me the supplements for shipping costs only.  That is more than any person could imagine.  I just can not tell you how much your information and support has helped me so far.  I have just begun the journey, but I know I can count on you and I have no fear about how we will make it for the next 5 months and 1 week.  We will do it one week, one page of the guide, one video at a time. This is what we needed. I can not think of a way to help you or thank you enough for your work, dedication and effort.  Gracie and I want you to know we appreciate you and your team.  If there is ever anything I can do to help please do not hesitate to let me know.  I wish there were more people like you out in the world.

Thanks and take good care,

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Nancy Missildine & Gracie