Happy Tails: The Adventures of Henne

I am beyond thrilled that I bought the GlycanAid HA. 2 weeks Henne has been taking the supplements. It’s been a long year so far. 2 surgeries on the same knee, water therapy just to find out she will need another surgery. Well I’ve put off calling the surgeon just because of financial problems. Yesterday I realized I haven’t seen Henne pull her leg up, I haven’t seen her limp, I haven’t been feeling bad for her. She is using her leg normally. All thanks to GlycanAid HA. I feel like I’ve been paid to post this but I have not. This is magical I wasn’t even going to order it but I took a chance after reading all the great posts here. I just offered 2 more bottles. I will still consult with the surgeon in a couple weeks just to see how things are doing.

Thank you,

Heather and Henne

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