Happy Tails: The Adventures of Miss Molly

Six months plus on GlycanAid HA and doing very well every day since her ACL surgery. She is 9 years old and has some arthritis in her joint. In addition to the GlycanAid HA, I just ordered two bottles of Flexerna to see if that would add to her overall health. The GlycanAid HA has helped her immensely. She is overly active for her age and tends to overdue it a lot and comes up with minor limps and soreness once an awhile keeping up with the young pups (which she is not any longer despite thinking so herself). We have been hyper-vigilant because of the past surgery and want to avoid re-injury or injuries to other joints so we are sticking with GlycanAid HA and adding the Flexerna to her diet. Overall she is doing great we could not have got her this far without your advice and help.

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