Dr. J,

I have a not so normal Yorkie.  He weighs 24 pounds.  Back in October he had both hind knee caps repaired.  My Vet referred me to your website to get the MPL (Medial Patellar Luxation) Guide.

After looking at the guide, I looked at other products you have available, and I found the Glycanaid, and the Flexerna.  I purchased both for my dog. He is really beginning to improve from the surgeries.  He is so eager to jump, you can tell that he really just wants to do it himself and no get any help from anyone.

Once I received the products purchased, I gave my dog the Glycanaid, and he chomped that up with no problem.  When I tried the Flexerna with my dog food, he would not eat it.  I tried it twice with different foods and he didn’t like the smell or something.

I called your customer service department, I left a message, and my call was quickly returned.  I explained the situation to her about the liquid Flexerna, and she was quick to assist me.  She gave me a refund in the amount that I paid for the item.

I am so appreciative of the kindness I received with one phone call.  Most generally when you call any customer service department (excluding yours) they don’t care if you are happy or dissatisfied, they just want to get rid of you.

Thank you for being a wonderful group of people who just want to help and assist in anyway they can.  I commend you for that.

If I ever know of anyone who is in need of the services that you offer, I will definitely refer them to your website.

Thanks so much.
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Tammy Erwin


Just wanted to let you know I am so glad Top Dog was recommended to me . The book on MPL has helped me alot . Ava is doing wonderfully .  The week by week guide is very easy to understand , we are on week four and Ava is walking and moving around very nicely with great range of motion, she thinks we are playing a game with the sit and stand exercises . Thank you so much for having a guide for the rehab at home .Also brought the  book with me to the follow up appointment and the Doctor was very impressed with your guide . Thank you again

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Eve and Ava