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Dogs Don't Cry Book

In this book, you will learn:

  • A simple test I use with my patients called the “Pain Trial” and why “Tweaking” is the key to a long pain-free life.
  • Why you, as the pet owner, are the key to early detection and minimizing silent suffering for your dog.
  • The 12 most common silent signs of joint pain that dogs display often signs that even trained professionals miss.
  • What is the difference between management vs. prevention and where does your dog fit in.
  • Why it is often impossible for your dog’s doctor to pick up on these signs of pain.
  • The reason 90% of pet owners unknowingly miss not only the early signs of pain bet even worse the later signs of pain as well.
  • A practical guide to understanding supplements and the world of pharmaceutical pain management.
  • About one dog’s real-life journey, from misdiagnosis to near euthanasia, who through patience, optimism, and hard work discovered a life free of pain and years of additional quality time with her family.

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GlycanAid® HA


Our max-strength daily joint health supplement was made for dogs over 7 yrs of age or dogs that have had orthopedic surgery or existing compromised joint health. Veterinarian-formulated with medical-grade ingredients that target all aspects of joint health. A full 25mg of hyaluronic acid per dose plus all the essential building blocks (glucosamine & chondroitin ) and effective anti-inflammatories (MSM, Cetyl Myristoleate & Vitamin C) result in happier, healthier more comfortable joints to maintain an active lifestyle.

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Flexerna Omega® is a daily omega-3 joint supplement designed for dogs of all ages to naturally support their joints and improve everyday comfort. Veterinarian-developed, utilizing pure cold-processed green-lipped mussel extract (25 mg per pump or 50 mg per capsule). Every dose includes up to 90+ fatty acids, including EPA, DHA & ETA, shown to have powerful natural anti-inflammatory benefits resulting in a more noticeable comfortable, happier & active dog.

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MSM Joint Boost is a single ingredient daily joint health solution for dogs of all ages and breeds. Can be used alone or as an added booster to your dogs existing joint supplements. We use human-grade, Opti-MSM®, that targets the root cause of joint pain and inflammation. Our veterinarian-formulated, research-backed, naturally-occurring compound will have your dog feeling better and playing longer for years to come.

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