Week 7 Rehab Instructions: Additional Exercises

In Week 7, we provide you with additional exercises to do with your dog which include weave poles to help strengthen your dog’s hind legs and weight shifting to encourage weight bearing on the surgically repaired leg.

Weekly Rehab Instructions:

Weave Poles

Weave poles can be a great way to help strengthen your dog’s hind legs. This exercise can help improve your dog’s body awareness and placement of their feet. It will also help encourage your dog to slowly lift and bend their leg. Along with other therapies, this will help in the end result.

Weight Shifting

Weight shifting is a great exercise to do with your dog. This exercise can be done throughout the entire recovery process. There are many benefits to weight shifting, but for our purpose it is to encourage weight bearing on the surgically-repaired leg. While standing over the top of your dog’s hind end, you want to gently rock their hips back and forth, slowly. Once your dog is toe-touching, you can do this exercise. It is important to be gentle and rock evenly in both directions.