Week 6 Rehab Instructions: Half Way Point & Power of ETA

Week 6, you’re half way there! Your dog is starting to feel better and act like a normal dog again. Does this mean that you can stop doing what you’ve been doing? No! We will also discuss the power of Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Weekly Rehab Instructions:

Half Way There – Don’t Stop Now!

Alright, so you’re halfway there! Your dog is starting to feel better and act like a normal dog again. Does this mean that you can stop doing what you’ve been doing? Not just yet! Continue following your guide for the full 12 weeks after surgery. You want your dog as fully recovered as possible. As your dog continues throughout the recovery process, it will gain more strength and muscle.

Curb Walking

Curb walking is basically stepping up and off a length of the curb while walking your dog. Make sure that the curb is appropriate for the height of your dog. If your dog weighs less than 30 pounds, they should step on and off a curb that is no more than two inches high. A dog that weighs between 31-70 pounds should use a curb that is 3 inches high. Dogs weighing over 70 pounds should use a curb that is 3-5 inches high. You can use any surface that has some height and it does not have to be a curb, but you need at least 20 feet to perform this exercise. This is why curbs work best.

While you are walking your dog, simply just have them step up and down off the curb for a length of 10-20 feet making an “S” pattern as you walk on and off the curb. This will help increase muscle strength, girth, balance, and will also improve flexion and extension. Do this exercise at a pace that is comfortable for you and your pet. If your dog is having any complications while doing this exercise, do not perform it at this time.

The Power Of Omega 3

While we used to think joint conditions like arthritis were solely the result of normal wear and tear as dogs age, we’re now seeing that chronic low-grade inflammation is a major culprit as well. Omega 3-fatty acids are a powerful, natural way to reduce inflammation, which will help younger dogs maintain healthy joints, and older dogs manage joint pain.

You’ve probably heard of using fish oil as an omega-3 supplement, but by far our favorite source is the green-lipped mussel. What makes green-lipped mussels so unique and efficient in improving joint health is their diverse omega-3 profile. Unlike fish oils used in most supplements which only contain 2 kinds of omega-3 fatty acids – Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) – the green-lipped mussel also contains a third called Eicosatetraenoic Acid (ETA). This complete combination, provided in our Flexerna joint supplement, means less inflammation, less pain, and more mobility for your canine companion.

Question: What is Flexerna Omega?

Answer: Flexerna Omega is an amazing addition to our joint supplement suite of support. This is the purified extracted oil from the Green Lipped Mussel of New Zealand (GLM). Though the GLM powders have been available for a few decades it has come to science’s understanding that the amazing value is the oil itself. The oil which we use is a patented oil called Supranol®.

The thing that makes this oil so superior to fish oil is the omega called ETA. In studies, it has outperformed, by a long shot, the standard EPA and DHA oils commonly seen in fish oil. This is a very potent natural anti-inflammatory and should be a vital part of overall natural joint health if we want to avoid pharmaceutical management for as long as possible.

Flexerna can be used in conjunction with our joint health supplement GlycanAid HA for best overall results.